El Ramon had remained invisible for two days and only attend to his awaiting men, on the third day.

He was welcome with noise and jubilation, and a passerby would think he had travelled for years, and not just a few days of absence when the excited men rally around him.

"Thank you for your support and protection. I feel safe whenever I see you around me," the richly dressed prince in purple damask and matching black leather shoes, announced with a smile.

"Aye, we are blessed to be your mafias."

"We will protect you with our lives."

"Long live prince El Ramon!"

"Long live our mafia king!"

"Thank you... Thank you... I have decided to hold a party to celebrate my success. And food, drinks, and entertainers will arrive shortly. Please drink responsibly."

"Long live our incoming mafia king!"

"Long live king El Ramon!"

Hours later, the whole of El Ramon's palace was filled with legs, and the jolly environment quickly brought happiness to the face of all the participants.

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