Money makes the world go round, and with it, you can do anything.

Perhaps this was the reason why a wise man once observed that the love of money is the root of all evil.

Sitting inside Johji Inn, was a young man that was dressed in a brown suit, and a cowboy cap. And his face was hidden by a large eyeglass that makes him look like a frog.

He stretched his hand forward, picked a bottle of half-empty liquor, raised it towards his mouth, and gulped it down thrice.

His eyes became redder, as the liquid travelled through his veins, and he yawned and let out.

"This is a strong drink, and it's making me tipsy."

A moment later, a young man with a briefcase walked inside, saw the man with a cowboy cap, walked toward him, and then asked, as he sat in his front.

"To catch a monkey?"

"You must act like a monkey," the man replied with a fixed stare.

The man handover the bag in his hand to his host, he chuckled and asked.

"Now tell me the details?"

"My agent promise to deliver your subjec
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