The Suicidal Killer

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The Suicidal Killer

By: RediousInPaper CompletedMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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A suicidal killer and a godly woman. Damon, well -known name throughout the country. a name that when heard by all will be prayed with fear and trepidation. Name that can kill and take some lives. A name but a lot of life taken. Erelah, A name of a woman with a meaning of 'Angel'. It all started, one night after the two crossed paths. A night where just after singing death. A night where the perspective of death will change named 'Damon'

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The Night
‘Just incoming news, Three human corpses were found inside their house bathed in their blood. Such corpses have engraved the letter ‘D’ on their breasts. According to residents near the crime scene, they did not hear any noise or shouting from the house. Police are now starting to investigate such crimes. ' "As of now, we have a person of interest. We have obtained some details on the bodies of the victims and based on our study, the letter 'D' on the victims' chests is possibly the work of this person." I laughed and turned off the television then stood up in my seat. I started walking towards the kitchen of my house and then looked around. "What can be good to use?" I asked myself then approached the sink where the knives were placed in a drawer. I took a knife and looked at its sharpness. "Dull, I'll feel the pain when I stab it in my chest," I said then returned my hold to the pouch. I looked around the kitchen again and then at a drawer. I immediately went over there and ope
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Damon POV "Hey, suicidal kid!" I took out of my mouth the paracetamol, biogesic, neozep, alaxan, and the other medications that I'm about to swallow. I looked up at my caller and saw Gazer approaching me. I sniffed and looked at the medicine I had spit out. "Damn, babies," I said then looked at Gazer who was already next to me. "What's that medicine for?" He asked then looked at me. "Then coke?" He added then laughed. "I don't know what's going into your brain and making you want to commit suicide." He said he then snatched the coke I was holding from me and handed me a glass of wine which he took inside. "I also don't know why it's fashionable for an idiot like you to suddenly show up to disturb me to commit suicide," I said and accepted the wine he offered. "You don't seem to have time to die." He said so I laughed. "Wow, man," I said so he looked at me badly, In fact, we are only the same age but if he acted like he was older than us. I just shook my head and drank the wine he
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I lazily fired the grenade I got from the holdapers at the mini stop last night while waiting for Gazer here on the rooftop of a building just opposite the building where the celebration would be held to be led by my target mayor. "Good eve-- Fuck! what is that?!" He immediately kicked me causing me to spit out the grenade I fired. I looked at him badly and then picked up the grenade that fell on the floor. "What are you? Why are you trying that? You're being crazy." It was like Gazer is my father to me that had just arrived. "I'm just tasting what the taste is," I said so he kicked me again."It says in the suicidal book I read, I will feel more and more pain when a grenade explodes,n me," I said then very scratchy. "You're crazy that you a man." Shaking he said then looked at the building in front of the building we were standing on. "Are you going to shoot the mayor from here?" He asked. I shook so he looked at me. "You'll shoot him when my plan breaks down," I said so I wrin
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I silently closed my eyes as I hung upside down here in my bedroom. I looked at the clock and saw that half an hour had passed but I was still not dying. I frowned and suddenly looked at the door of my room when someone entered from there. "What are you doing?!" Gazer asked in shock as I called and headed here. "Suicide," I answered while looking at him upside down. I saw his forehead wrinkle and then he grabbed a knife from his pocket to cut the rope that was wrapped around my leg. "Ouch!" I moaned as I fell to the floor and hit my head first. I looked at Gazer badly who also looked at me badly. "You're crazy." He said then rubbed his senses. I snout then handed me the book entitled 'Guide to kill yourself.' "It says here when I hang myself upside down, all my blood will go to my head and then I will slowly die but I won't feel the pain as long as I just drink--" "Instead of killing yourself, why don't you entertain this woman you brought home first." He said while looking at t
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"Damon, what are you doing again?" I stopped mixing the poison I bought and then looked at Gazer who was looking at my hand. "Mixing poison," I answered so he was shocked and wrinkled when he approached me then grabbed what I was mixing and threw it to the side, my lips parted as I watched the liquid flow from the pouch down to the floor. "Damn, how many hours did I stir it, and then you just threw it away?" I said so he looked at me badly and then threw the pouch to one side. You have no heart Gazer, waste the poison! "Where is Erelah?" He asked so I looked around and noticed that the woman was not there. Maybe go inside? "It's inside, I think," I said then the cigarettes came out. "You think? You're not sure? I'm going to strangle you, Damon, what if the mayor's opponent took that?" He asked so I looked at him. "Our boss is the mayor's opponent, isn't he? Eh, then one of us will take her either, so we can also see her in the hideout." I said so he felt sorry for what I said. "T
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Erelah POV "If you are near a nuclear blast, you will die with no pain because the explosion will kill you faster than your brain detects pain." I looked at the man next to me, he was holding the book where he was reading what was written there. I frowned as he closed the book and I could see its title. "Where is the nuclear plant here?" He asked then looked at me, I looked away then signed of the cross. "Please forgive him for what he is thinking." I whispered then re -signed of the cross, I heard his weak laugh cause me to look at him. "You're weird." My lips parted because of what he said, coming from suicidal maniac? I didn't know he ignored me, I just looked at the front where papa's relatives were standing. Gradually I felt pain and sadness as I watched them cry, I close my eyes again as I remember how dad fell as Damon pulled me away from the mob that day. "Why don't you approach your dad?" Damon whispered to me that he was next to me, I looked at him, he was looking at me
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3 years ago. "Mom, I'm leaving!" I said goodbye to my mother who was washing her clothes, she looked at me and then smiled. She stood up in her seat and then approached me."Be careful daughter," she said that's why I nodded while smiling."Promise mom, I'll be back here with my dad," I said proudly so she laughed, she touched my cheek and then pulled me to hug. I closed my eyes and hugged my mother as well."Hopefully daughter," she whispered then let go of the hug and looked at me."All right, get out and you might get late caught on the bus, be careful," she said that's why I took my bag and then nodded to my mother."I'll be back too," I said then with a smile turned my back on my mother, I immediately followed the waiting tricycle on the side and then looked at my mother again."Your medicine! Don't forget to drink." I said, she smiled and nodded at me, I waved my two hands at her and then smiled."On the bus station," I told the tricycle driver I could arrange a seat. This is th
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Flashback ll
I got off the bus with a smile even though I was upset because of the man next to me, I still thought it was his money and then he also used my money, annoying. I hope he just returned my wallet to me.But he returned my wallet, just in case he took our fare. It's annoying, I feel like I'm a scam in that part. But even though that happened, I'm happy because I got down safely and arrived here in the town where my father leads, I heard that he is the one who leads here and runs this town, and I'm proud because my father did the right thing is about. "Ale, where is the municipality here?" I asked a woman who was selling fish on the side, and she looked at me and then pointed the way to the municipality, I immediately thanked her and made my way to the municipality. My smile widened, even more, when I was in front of the municipality. I observed the size and beauty of the design of the town hall where my father heads. I quickly straightened up my messy clothes and walked into the town
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Damon POV "Annoying," I whispered then threw the cellphone I was holding. "What's up?" I looked at the person next to me who was staring at me, I took a deep breath then leaned back in my seat and crossed my arms with my eyes closed. "Nothing comes up on g****e how to die unscathed," I said, I heard her cough so I looked at her choking on what she was drinking. "Are you crazy? Why do you want to die?" She asked, once again I heard her pray and apologize to the person she was talking to. This woman, she's not going to lose her weirdness. "You're not there anymore," I said then got up from my seat and picked up the telescope that was next to me. "He's crazy." She whispered then shook, I just peeked at the telescope I was holding and then looked at what we were monitoring. "Have you ever tried to see a doctor?" She suddenly asked so I laughed. I lowered the telescope I was holding and then looked at her. "Have you ever tried to keep your mouth shut and not find out about things th
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How to die peacefully?Search: Help is availableSpeak with someone today National Center for Mental Health Crisis HotlineHours: Available 24/7. Languages: English, Filipino. 0966-351-4518 I gasped when that came out on g****e, I looked at the nurse who was fixing the bandage on my arm."Excuse me, how many years have you been working here?" I asked, she looked at me and then smiled."4 years." She answered so I nodded, I even saw how she put some hair that escaped on her ear then smiled looking at me, I frowned at what she was doing. "Have you ever had patients who died but did not experience pain?" I asked, I saw the frown on her forehead. "Pardon?" She asked. "Ms. leave us." The nurse and I looked at the speaker, Gazer with Erelah and Havacco. I saw Gazer and Havacco's disgusted stare at me so I laughed, while Erelah looked at me worried. The nurse who was fixing the bandage on my arm came out, Havacco and Gazer gave me a strong rebuke so I looked at them annoyed while Erelah c
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