Into the Darkness

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Into the Darkness

By: Jason Boyce OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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The saying is 'Out of the darkness and into the light', at least that is how it goes when the good guys say it in the movies. David Dahmer was no movie star, hell, he was barely even a blip on the radar of life, except for the fact that he was the little brother to the Milwalkee Monster, Jeffrey Dahmer. When darkness comes calling, will David have the ability to fight, push through his deepest fears and resist the urge to slay everything in his path? This intense horror-thriller will lead you down roads that you may never recover from. Read at your own risk.

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  • crockpottopkcorc


    Wonderfully scary and beautifully disturbing. love this.

    2021-11-09 23:07:35
  • sfish123abc


    what in the world? Where have you been all my life?

    2021-11-09 23:04:12
  • Jason Boyce


    Hope you are all enjoying!

    2021-11-08 07:03:34
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10 chapters
Chapter 1
Being the younger brother of the prolific serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer has certainly set up our hero for a difficult life.  Everything from people’s perception of him to his own feelings about himself, nothing is rational or logical, nothing has come easily.  David Dahmer lives in a constant storm cloud of depression and judgement even though he had absolutely nothing to do with his older brother, The Milwaukee Monster, and the grotesque serial murders he committed.  Due to these facts, poor David is under doctor’s care and heavily medicated at all times.  You never know when you may fall into the darkness, especially when it is in your genes.No one, and I mean absolutely no one, enjoys a doctor’s waiting room.  The decorum is set to be neutral, relaxing, calming, but what the professionals don’t realize is that the lack of character and depth in their wait
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Chapter 2
Walking slowly, trying not to show his relief and excitement at getting another set of prescriptions to devour and thrive from, David worked his way to the checkout window where Erin awaited his arrival.  Rarely did Erin the receptionist ever make direct eye contact with David, there was something about him that really put her on edge, made her feel like creepy crawlies were all over her spine, causing a brain awakening shiver to run the length of her back.  I suppose we all have certain aspects of our jobs that we dislike, David Dahmer just happened to be that aspect for Erin.Murmuring something to himself the entire way down the hallway, David drew closer to the after-appointment processing area.  Erin had his appointment card already scribbled up with November eleventh on it following a one o’clock and an ‘at’ symbol.  Her handwriting even portrayed the fear she ha
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Chapter 3
Rubbing his shoulder, spreading the small spurts of blood around his former pristine flannel button up, David boarded the bus that led directly to the stop to his pharmacy, the pharmacy where they all knew him by name.  Sasha followed behind, closely behind.  It was almost like she wasn't even there, at least to the bus driver.  She managed to skate by and avoid detection, therefore circumnavigating the payment process.  In all truthfulness, it didn't matter, the bus was half full if that.Finding an empty filthy molded seat, David sat with a bit of caution.  He had had an incident with bubble gum and khaki pants on one ride and hell would have to freeze over for that to happen again.  Sasha sat next to him in the dual seat without a care in the world.  Bubble gum be damned, filth is just a concept to her, life was meant to be lived, not avoided and coddled.  Read more
Chapter 4
Jack and Wendy Davindale unfortunately previously lived beneath the apartment Jeffrey Dahmer, David’s older brother, rented out and performed his studies in.  When he wasn’t out at the local bars luring men back to his apartment for photoshoots, he was drilling small holes in their skulls and injecting acid, in a failed attempt to make them zombies, submissive slaves that would do anything he wanted.  When that failed, David’s older brother would kill them and dissect them, making sure to save the best organs and meat for later consumption and enjoyment. Being so close to the tragic area, Jack and Wendy felt that they needed to look out for David as they knew what would be coming his way, a life of torture and torment, none of it his doing.  Jack took a much stronger liking to David than Wendy did, but sh
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Chapter 5
Happier than a pig eating shit, seriously that is how the saying goes, David Dahmer was whistling a fine little dandy song he was freestyling as he strolled down the sidewalk towards the apartment complex he rented from one of the Davindale’s relatives.  Didn’t I tell you that they treated him very kindly and watched out for him?  When one has the big picture in their sights, a couple of decades of kindness is worth all the trouble in the world when creating a monster.As his feelings of happiness and euphoria slowly waned, David proceeded on, smiling and warm inside, but he still maintained a healthy dose of caution, keeping his eyes moving around constantly, on the  lookout for that tumultuous Sasha Walker.  Our unfortunate hero clutched his paper bag of pills and practically skipped down the sidewalk.  Each citizen he passed scooted quickly out of his way, they scrun
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Chapter 6
Sasha Walker, with her low-cut black blouse, pushed her way past David Dahmer with her non-knife fingered hands and strolled confidently, dare I say, devilishly into his apartment.  There was no way she was here in his apartment as a pure coincidence, Sasha didn’t believe in coincidences.  Everything happened for a reason, everything had a cause and effect, “Davey, what’s the plan my man?”  Her red lipstick was smeared all over her visually sharp teeth, had she been eating something or someone prior to visiting David? Even in his deepest darkest level of fear, David still found solace in the fact that Sasha’s face was not melting from her skull.  Even with her face intact, David continued to have still framed images of his mother burst before his face, the way her lips had melted into thin lines of scorched meat.  The way her eyeballs were smoked over, that is, the parts that had not oozed from the conjunctiva still rang deep inside of David’s soul.<
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Chapter 7
The last thing David Dahmer remembered was a small, precise prick on his neck, out went the lights shortly thereafter.  Time traveled quickly, when you are asleep and comfortable, time always skates by with the quickest of intentions.  It seems that days had passed by; it was Wednesday now.  David couldn’t uncloud his brain to figure out what day it was he had fallen asleep and who this strange woman was lying next to him. Her black blouse was draped over the only piece of furniture in David’s bedroom, a half size mirror crudely attached to a six-drawer dresser.  A pair of black pants dangled for their life on the bedroom doorknob.  No panties, socks, or bra were within eyesight, did you really think this young lady wore that type of stuff?  Using his quick analytical brain, David deduced that the naked woman next to him was the infamous Sasha. Read more
Chapter 8
Still stark naked and not looking to cover herself any time soon, Sasha stood in the middle of David’s living room, hands on her hips, as the bloody skeleton of Ms. Jenkins rested stoically on the couch David had purchased at the local thrift store.  Poor guy, he had to carry that couch all by himself eight blocks, everyone was too scared to offer help, not to mention end up inside of his apartment where they thought all sorts of mischievous actions took place. The burning of the chewed-up pills in David’s throat was extinguishing itself as he stared at a naked Sasha.  He was not accustomed to nudity, especially female nudity.  As a teenage boy would do, David pretended to not want to look but he simply just couldn’t stop from taking in the deliciousness of her smooth, curvy body.  For a woman that went around causing trouble as a hobby, Sasha had an amazing body, almost too amazing.   Erotic and all, there was still a terrifying disfigu
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Chapter 9
With a borderline zombie like David Dahmer at his disposal, Jack Davindale marveled at the endless possibilities that were now filling his devious mind.  Similar to grocery shopping while starving, you tend to over purchase, logic vanishes as gluttony abruptly pushes its way in.  Wendy watched her husband while she nodded her head as if the customer on the other end of the line could see her.  Neither Jack nor Wendy paid any mind to Sasha as she rummaged through bottle after bottle behind the counter; they were too focused on setting David up and sending him out on his next mission, “David, my boy, what’s wrong?  Let me help you.  Just explain the problem and I’ll give you a solution.”  Jack was a pure son of a bitch.David’s eyes danced to their own erratic EDM song, more scattered than his brain waves were at the current moment.  Cold turkey (and unknowingly) coming off of highly dependent pills t
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Chapter 10
When a human faces off against a monster, things tend to not go the human’s way.  We, as humans, are excitingly strong people, but a monster, a monster is on a whole different level.  Similar to a knife being compared to a rocket launcher, when a monster wages an attack on a human being, every possible outcome has already been calculated and carefully dissected, making the possibility of success almost a given.  What’s more efficient than a monster?  A human that has been turned into a monster. David Dahmer was the human monster to end all human monsters.  With other humans pulling the strings, he was a violent juggernaut that couldn’t be stopped, not by anything on the face of this planet.  Sheriff Peter Miller, armed with a taser and pistol, was merely a simple human that didn’t know the feeble appearing man standing in front of him was the mons
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