Murder Case #201

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Murder Case #201

By: LovieNot OngoingMystery/Thriller

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Having witnessed 200 murder cases, each one ending in tragedy without a single survivor, her hardened experience couldn't prepare her for the 201st. Amidst the grim familiarity, a haunting voice pierced the air, calling out a name with an undeniable plea for help. In that moment, an instinctive urgency surged within her, compelling her to seek out the intended target before it was too late. Would she finally break the cycle, rescuing the victim and apprehending the elusive perpetrator? As she delved deeper into the case, unraveling its dark tendrils, she realized a sinister secret lurked beneath the surface, threatening to shatter everything she thought she knew.


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MURDER CASE #201Written by LovieNotThis is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents in this book are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidentalThis story contains violence and strong languages that are not suitable for young readers. Don't jump to the next page if you're mentally unstableRead at your own risk. (STORY TEASER)Having witnessed 200 murder cases with no survivors, the 201st case emerges as unique. A voice urgently calls out a name, prompting her to locate the desperate victim. Who is the intended target? Can she save them and apprehend the killer? What dark secret hides within this case ?
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"This bitch's body is driving me crazy," he thinks to himself as he stares at the monitor. He has successfully installed a spy camera on the large mirror in her bedroom. His obsession with her runs deep, and he will stop at nothing to keep her by his side. He can take out anyone who threatens to take her away in just three seconds. The swifter the action, the more satisfying it is for him."Or maybe I should just eliminate you before anyone else can benefit from you?" he whispers.As the woman undresses, her beauty gives him the strength to continue living in his hell. His gaze lingers on her chest, his anger simmering at the thought of anyone else making her heart race."Your heart is mine. You are mine. You only have a few hours left to escape me, Kira."***The stillness of the air is almost suffocating, broken only by the faint glow of a single light in the distance. Her heart races as she realizes she is not alone in this eerie place, and she must find a way to escape the grasp
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AINSLYNN QUEZONShe's struggling to breathe. I feel my fists clenched tightly as I desperately wish I could free her from the rope that's tightly bound around her neck. But I know I lack the necessary means to do so, and a deep sense of frustration and helplessness washes over me. The sound of fresh blood flowing from her body onto the floor reaches my ears. Her breathing indicates a desperate struggle for life, and yet she clings to the hope that someone will rescue her, even though she acknowledges deep down that it's a slim chance.I squeeze my eyes shut, counting in my head. One...two...three. With each passing second, the atmosphere becomes charged with an intangible heaviness, the weight of anticipation palpable in the air. It feels as if the very molecules vibrate with electric tension, as though the room itself holds its breath in fearful anticipation. I sense the sinister presence of the killer, a malevolent specter lurking just beyond the edges of perception, his intenti
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"I'm asking you, Miss. Do you know Kira?" the male detective asks me.The male detective bombards me with questions, his piercing gaze locked onto mine, as if trying to unravel the truth hidden within my words. My mind races, desperately searching for a way to convey the inexplicable phenomenon that plagues my existence. How can I possibly explain that I hear voices echoing from far away, whispering secrets and foretelling danger? How can I make them understand that it was through this uncanny ability that I recognized the imminent threat surrounding Kira?The weight of their skepticism hangs heavy in the room, suffocating the air and dampening my hope. Doubt creeps into their eyes, their faces a tapestry of disbelief. If I were to speak the truth, I fear they won't believe me. They would brand me as insane, dismissing my words as the ramblings of a troubled mind. But I cannot let Kira face the danger alone, her safety hanging by a fragile thread."Call Kira," I demand, my voice resol
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"Kira!" Detective Ace's loud shout makes me squint my eyes. Lesia and I are both shocked and stand there staring at the woman's body hanging from a strong rope.Blood flows continuously from the woman's body, dropping onto the floor like a never-ending race. The smell of it is overpowering and can be detected from a distance.Lesia stops Ace from touching Kira's corpse, while I lean against the wall, trying to support my weak knees as I gaze at the victim.As I carefully examine her, a chilling realization crawls up my spine. Her chest has been brutally torn open, revealing a cavity devoid of a beating heart. The absence of such a vital organ fills the air with an eerie sense of dread. To compound the horror, her once graceful limbs have been savagely severed, callously strewn around her lifeless form. The sight of her dismembered hands and feet tossed haphazardly, sends a wave of revulsion crashing over me.There it is—the mark II on her forehead, dark and eerie. It stands out unmi
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We leave Detective Ace unconscious at the house. I entrusted him to my mother. I still need to work, and so does Lesia.As I enter the Faculty Room, I immediately notice a group of female lecturers gathered in one corner. Ma'am Flynn looks at me. She's the teacher I mentioned earlier, my friend."Come here!" she calls out to me, urging me to join their daily gossip against my will."What's happening?" I casually ask them."Do you already know about the murder case at Xell Hospital?" Ma'am Pau asks me. "What happened to Doctor Kira is horrifying," she adds."How did you find out about the Xell Hospital Murder Case?" I ask curiously."How could we not know? It's all over the news, even on TV. We really have no control over someone's life. I spoke to Kira just yesterday," Ma'am Niña says."Huh? You know Kira?" Flynn asks in surprise."Not that well. It just so happens that she's a friend of my cousin who is also a doctor at XH. I went there yesterday morning, so we greeted each other," s
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"Oh, a hairless frog!" exclaims Ma'am Niña in surprise as I encounter her at the gate of the garden. Her eyes widen as she takes in the unexpected sight. "So it's just you, Ma'am Lynn! It's surprising to find you here. What brings you to this place?""I'm just talking to Detective Ace," I reply honestly, noting the detective's presence behind me. Despite having my back turned, I can feel his aura and hear his approaching footsteps.Ma'am Niña forces a smile, adjusting to the situation, and enters the garden, leaving us behind. No longer focusing on Detective Ace, I continue on my way to the faculty room, heading there directly. With no sessions scheduled for the 3rd and 4th periods, I decided to while away the time.As the bell rings, announcing the start of the lunch break, I swiftly grab my sling bag and exit the school premises. Hailing a taxi, I quickly made my way to Xell Hospital.Arriving at the hospital, I approach the front desk to inquire about Kira's whereabouts. The recept
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"Oh, where are you going?" Detective Ace asks irritably, his brows furrowing in frustration. I suppress the urge to raise an eyebrow, knowing it would only further aggravate him. We stand in front of their imposing station, its towering presence casting a shadow over us."I'm just going to satisfy my hunger with a quick bite. After all, psychopaths get hungry too," I retort, a sly smirk playing on my lips. His penetrating gaze, honed from our countless encounters, fails to rattle me anymore."Go inside, I'll take care of the purchase. Lesia is already waiting for you," he insists, his voice tinged with impatience."Do you have any inkling of my culinary preferences? How about my drink? My dessert? The forbidden seasonings that tickle my palate?" I fire a barrage of questions at him, each one a strategic needle aimed at his composure.Momentarily caught off guard, he stumbles over his words. I've employed these interrogative tactics on numerous occasions, always emerging triumphant in
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I fixate my gaze on Doctor Jhasmine as she engages in conversation with Detective Ace. Her voice maintains a calm facade, yet the subtle traces of unease become apparent in the sudden rise and fall of her breaths. There is tension in the air, a departure from the ease she displayed moments ago while discussing Kira. I ponder the shift in atmosphere—could it be attributed to the presence of the detective before her?Amidst my contemplation, I venture to ask, "Did Kira happen to mention anything before she visited the CR?"Her response carries a note of uncertainty, "I cannot say. Our schedules rarely align, restricting our opportunities for extensive conversation. Furthermore, my attention was occupied by attending to a patient."A nod from the man acknowledges my presence, causing both the doctor and me to momentarily shift our attention toward him. It is Doctor Jhasmine who then poses the question, her curiosity piqued, "You were the individual I encountered on the rooftop earlier,
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"Well, what's the big deal if she doesn't want to cooperate, huh?" Lesia grumbles, her voice filled with frustration. I found myself at the SH station this Saturday, trying to make sense of it all.It's been three long days since the Xell Hospital murder case unfolded. Jhasmine has already adamantly refused to face them again. She's made it clear that she wants no part in this investigation. I understand her fear, but I can't shake off my own curiosity about what she witnessed.Detective Ace is consumed by Kira's funeral arrangements. The victim's father has made the difficult decision to expedite the cremation ceremony for the sake of his grieving wife. Mrs. Dizon remains locked in a perpetual state of sorrow, her tears flowing ceaselessly. As Kira was their sole child, it's only natural for their anguish to run deep.As the man arrives, he anxiously inquires, "Where's Ainslynn?""Why, Ace? Are you already missing Lynn?" Lesia quickly retorts, her voice filled with playful banter. I
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