The mother of witches stood before the huge waves of the ocean, staring into their vastness as though she could see the future written in their ever rising currents.

Behind her was her closest sister, Teresa the second in rank of the witches. Or the second sister as they were called. Teresa knew very well what Marina was thinking about. She knew her so well that she could almost read her mind.

"The princess of Meredith". Teresa started, taking her place beside Marina and joining her in the sight seeing of the waters. "What will you do about her?"

The waters raised to huge heights and dropped again with force, letting away huge splashes and smashes. The waves kept roaring with the wind, but none a single drop was fierce enough to cast a daint on the clothings of the two witches.

"She has brought these evils upon us, but the waters show us nothing of her future. We know not what problems she shall bring upon us next." Teresa continued. "Her mother once was a bone in our necks of ice, an
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