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Legends were born! Nine stones, nine different stories! No one knows enough about these stones! Legends, legends, legends! Eight heroes! Nine stones! Endless battles and a world filled with pain! Lean back and witness the birth of a new legend! This is not the story of the suffering, the fallen in battle, the oppressed, or the hungry! This is the story of the almighty! This is the story of William!

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Legends Were Born!
One thousand three hundred and fifty years ago, an enduring legend emerged that still roams in our present day. Many people are unaware of this, especially the lower strata who do not frequent places like schools and churches. Those who are aware of this often share the legend in casual conversations, adding flavor to otherwise mundane chats, and making the time more enjoyable.The most beautiful aspect of this legend is that it hasn't emerged from a single source. It is the child of the eight legends that came before it. Describing those eight legends could take years, but I'll still give you a brief summary of a few of them.Before delving into those eight legends, there's an even older tale from times unknown, a legend of a very ancient event whose occurrence remains shrouded in mystery. It's referred to as the Legend of Extinction, but I believe it could also be called the Legend of Genesis.While people were living happily and peace reigned on Earth, hundreds of meteorites fell t
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No matter what I do, death has its arms open, waiting for me to leap into its embrace!
Dugut Calendar, 738.Today, the sun was scorching the capital of the empire as if there were a colossal cauldron right within the heart of the city. Imperial officials, meticulously tending to the cobblestone roads, were nearly present on every corner. Dozens of barrels filled with water had been placed at every corner, each attended by an official who poured the water onto the roads.People seemed to have no desire to do anything today as if they wished to avoid the scorching heat at all costs. They sought out the shadiest spots they could find, often beneath the canopies of densely-leaved trees, and had taken refuge under makeshift leather shelters, resembling small tents.The interiors of houses and most buildings were still chill because they had been quickly constructed using a newly discovered mud-like substance. They weren't like wooden houses and instead, they absorbed the heat, turning the interiors into chilly lands.Normally, there should have been thousands of people out o
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No matter what I do, death has its arms open, waiting for me to leap into its embrace!
"So, you're offering a bribe and denying it at the same time?" He decided to crank up the amusement, elevating the tension of this dull and stifling day even further. He couldn't help it; he was thoroughly exasperated, and this action definitely aligned with his character.The other imperial guard across the table attempted to apologize and defuse the situation, aiming to talk and then send the young couple away with just a few silver coins lost. However, right at that moment, the voice of the young man echoed throughout the tea house."Enough, I'm tired of this!" As he turned his head, he witnessed the young man's dagger being drawn from his waist at an incredible speed, and in an instant, as if slicing through a straw puppet, the young man easily severed his friend's throat(Imperial Guards friend).In an instant, he saw the splatter of blood from the deep gash on his friend's throat hit his face, and simultaneously, he lunged for his sword. A seasoned soldier with battle experience
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Dugut Calendar, 713.Today, the palace was different from its usual state. Servants rushed through the palace's grand corridors, which could easily accommodate a few elephants, carrying trays of food, pitchers of drinks, and various decorations. They were all mostly running to the same place. The throne room.Inside the corridor leading to the throne room, aside from the servants, there was a mother and her son. The mother had brown hair that was braided back. She wore a dress with a wide skirt and a tightly laced bodice. The dress, in a shade of turquoise, had white silk tulle at the bottom that constantly brushed against the red carpet on the floor.The woman's hand was being held by a young boy. Although referring to him as a "young boy" might seem rude, it would be more accurate to call him a beautiful young man. His long hair, much like his mother's, was braided and draped down his back. The only difference in their beauty was that his hair was as white as clouds, unlike his moth
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Beginning 2
The sudden movement startled the little child in his lap so much that for a moment, the fear competed with the shame of wetting himself, and ultimately, embarrassment won. Just in time, he managed to restrain himself and looked at his father with fear.The elderly man comforted him by gently stroking his head and began to speak."Enough! Did I gather you all here to fight?" After everyone fell silent, he gestured with his head towards a man dressed in flowing yellow robes, seated in the middle of the table with a bald head and a gentle face.With one hand, he picked up one of the large drumsticks from the table and began to devour it savagely while listening to the bald man.The bald man stood up and started speaking in a voice as delicate as his face, raising his tone a bit. "Today, our purpose of gathering here is to determine the Crown Prince!"When this sentence cut straight to the point, leaving almost no room for debate, everyone in the room pursed their lips. Everyone in the ro
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Beginning 3
A week later, the emperor's seal appeared at the Palace of the Tranquil River. A eunuch announced that he had brought the emperor's edict and summoned the third concubine and her servants to the garden to accept the edict.The third concubine arrived with a small white-haired child in her arms. Her hurried demeanor and the unfinished makeup on her face showed her anxiety and haste to receive the edict.The concubine bowed, letting her beautiful face face the floor. The small child standing beside her did not understand anything.The eunuch was bald and thin, and his age was definitely over forty, but his skin still retained the smoothness of a much younger person. In his delicate-looking hand, he was holding a parchment with a golden-yellow sheen. As soon as the third concubine arrived, he opened it as if he were in a hurry and read it quickly."From today, the Ninth Prince will be the ruler of Highrock City! The Third Concubine will remain by his side until he is sixteen years old to
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Beginning 4
"Mother, will we live here from now on?" The white-haired little boy looked out of the carriage window at the gloomy town that seemed to be perched on a mountaintop. He smiled, seemingly oblivious to almost everything.It could be said that he had very little understanding of what was going on around him. With excitement, he watched the elderly farmers and shepherds along the roadside, waving at them constantly, even if he didn't always get a response.The mountain they were traveling to was known as Highrock Mountain, and the town nestled between its peak and base was called Highrock City.The mountain itself, from which it took its name, was almost barren, consisting mostly of barren rocks, except for a few trees that had been planted in recent years. The city had been built for defense purposes during a war about a century and a half ago, and no one could have predicted that it would grow into a proper city.After the war, the area was abandoned and turned into a makeshift settleme
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Traumas Brought by a Pitiable Situation.
The old man sat at the head of the great table in the main hall of the castle, examining a large parchment. His eyebrows were furrowed like they hadn't been in ten years. Even when he had heard that his daughter had been exiled from the capital to this city, he hadn't felt this bad. In his eyes, the family came before everything else.Sitting next to him was a middle-aged man who seemed to be trying to show off his slightly better financial situation with the ornaments on his plain linen clothes. A sycophantic smile had settled on his face, and although the man in front of him had heard of Baron Albert's reputation, he didn't seem the least bit concerned.Baron Albert was a man of iron will. He had fought dozens of battles in his life, starting as a peasant, and in each one he had fought bravely and made a name for himself. First, his success in battle had earned him the title of knight, and then he had risen to the rank of baron, a noble title.Now he farmed the land he had been give
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Traumas Brought by a Pitiable Situation. 2
The young prince was very unhappy today. Since he arrived in this city, it seemed as if he had nothing to do. His usual servants seemed unhappy, adding to his gloom and making him even more miserable.Every action they took was lackluster, and now the young prince didn't even seem to have the status of a prince in their eyes. He seemed to be just an ordinary child for them to take care of.Even his mother, the third concubine, was unhappy and bored. Every time she looked at her son, she saw not her son, but the years of effort and sacrifice going to waste. With a single gesture, she dismissed all the servants from the room. She instructed the fleeing servants to clear this floor of the castle behind them in a frenzy.This was the fourth floor of the four-story castle, and currently, besides the two imperial guards at the door, there were only the young prince and his mother. The bored concubine went to the door and asked the two guards."Where is Albert?" There was an eager anticipati
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Traumas Brought by a Pitiable Situation. 3
While things went smoothly for William, it was a different story for Albert. He had learned that his daughter was involved with most of the guards in the castle. Moreover, he had learned this directly from his grandson. During a little game, William had said, "My mother is always screaming in her room. The guards try to calm her down, but they can't. I think she's in pain." Those words cut Albert's heart like a knife.He immediately picked up a dagger and wanted to clear his name by personally killing his own daughter. But he couldn't do it. When he saw his daughter's blue eyes, he couldn't bear it. Thousands of scenes from his memories prevented him from taking another step."I can't... I can't... I can't... Frey... Why did you love me so much?" At that moment, he dropped the dagger and slumped into the chair opposite the door in Frieda's room. He sat there paralyzed.Frieda had only seen him through the mirror when applying her makeup. It was only when he sat in the chair that she r
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