Two Companions

While the witches paid their last respect to Ircane, her body laid within her cave of flowers. Her son Agnos sat beside it in tears while Percival stood by his side, consoling his loss.

Her body now lay beside the little stream of water that flowed in the cave, adorned by the flowers she had nurtured for all her years. There she would stay for years to come without decay.

Ircane's body had vanished mysteriously from Ghosti'dor the moment she breathed her last. Anyone would have thought it was the work of Ul Thera, but the wizard was no where to be found.

Agnos had thought that his mother would return with the wizard who was his father by her side for he did not know his name nor could he recognize his face.

But what he got was only disappointment. His mother, who was supposed to have learnt the art of immortality, dead before him. No wizard, no father. He was now completely alone in his world of mystery.

Not completely alone anyway. Percival put a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry th
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