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The author is amazing

By: champion monkey OngoingFantasy

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Failed author Qianlong Lee disappoints and moves on to a new world where, unlike his own, the author collects 108 pieces of the Celestial Scriptures, ancient myths that could help him become a godlike author.


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244 chapters
001 Bottom Author
Like many in the industry, Qianlong Lee had a distant dream in mind. He longed for his voice and recognition in the online web fiction world.But Qianlong Lee was so poorly qualified as a web writer that she spent several years as a web writer, but nothing came of it.But Qianlong Lee was just a public network writer who didn't make any money and didn't want to give up, even though her days were boring and there was never a day off. Do not want to give up their dream of network writers, no matter the day or night, no matter how hard it is will not extinguish the dream of network writers.After returning home from work in the afternoon and finishing a quick meal, Qianlong Lee turned on her computer.Customarily open the fiction website where you write your book, and the page pops up with a background message. Was it a response to a contract request? Qianlong Lee thought to himself, nodding backstage with a glimmer of hope."Hello dear web writer, your application for a contract has fai
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002 Author Power
Now Qianlong Lee stood on a rock at the base of the hill, looking up to the top of the hill, to the terrace hall that loomed in the misty depths beyond, but was only accessible to the writers of the Seven Seasons contract network.It was still early, but the hilltop was already buzzing with activity.The plaza at the top of the peak was huge, and the plain marble paused to give it a quaint air. At the top of the peak, above a huge plaza, more than a hundred Tsing Yi Network writers stood with swords.On the plaza, hundreds of Qingyi contract network writers stood with swords between their brows is full of heroic, fierce.There were hundreds of people in the arena, but it was silent now, nothing but the wind whistling.On a high stone platform in front of a group of TSN writers, a middle-aged man in white was slowly lecturing a group of TSN writers. His voice thundered through the crowd as the force of the writing poured in."The journey of a web writer is much more difficult, and the
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003 Unfair Treatment
The next bunch of signed network writers all had their eyes burning on Xiao Fang, and they didn't even bat an eyelid for fear of missing any of Xiao Fang's next moves.Be aware that Xiao Fang is at least the author of the online version of the story. The eyesight strength of the author on the shelf is many times greater than that of the author on the signing network below.In the next moment, Xiao Fang suddenly opened his eyes and immediately launched the vision of the city, the eyes of Zhan Cham. Immediately, a white light shot from the accusing XiaoFang's eyes.This urban clairvoyant eye can not only see into everything, but also be used as an attack.Where the white light passed, even the space around them showed many noticeable contortions. The nothingness seemed to be slicing and dicing, the white light streaking across the sky, extremely dazzling and shocking.The light from Xiao Fang's eyes, the final rebuke, blasted directly into an empty mountain a thousand miles away.The hu
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004 Dilemma
With that, Qianlong Lee knew that the other party had also failed to complete the task to the point of not being able to eat.Qianlong Lee immediately took out some of the remaining buns and threw them on each other's beds, laughing, "I have a lot of buns here, so if you're hungry, eat some."The teenager immediately grabbed the buns and gobbled them down.But the steamed bread was so dry that he rushed to the table and poured a glass of water, raising his neck to drink it all in one gulp. That's when he sighed, "I can't even remember not eating for a few days, man thanks, by the way, what's your name?""My name isQianlong Lee." Qianlong Lee gave his name.The teen listens and replies, "Dude, my name is Chengwen Xue and I'm new here, please take care of me."Qianlong Lee kept his head down, smiled wryly, and, after three years of being a public-grade web writer himself, is now an old man. After a moment's thought, he handed over a couple more buns. Chengwen Xue quickly took it and aft
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005 Struggling
"Thanks Chow!" Yang Rudong, on the other side, bowed and thanked Wuwen Zhou."Brother Yang, stay with Brother Ben and enjoy your life!" Wuwen Zhou said triumphantly.He took the compliment well, seeing Qianlong Lee's slight frame shudder, and Wuwen Zhou didn't strike again for fear of killing Qianlong Lee and never having anyone to work for him again."Load up, get up, and get to work!" At Qianlong Lee's silence, Wuwen Zhou immediately shouted at the other girl.The corner of Qianlong Lee's mouth quivered, but she forced herself to her feet and staggered outside. Walking to the gate, Qianlong Lee felt nothing but dizziness. Suddenly it was pitch black and it was impossible to see anything."Get out of my way or die!" Wuwen Zhou shoved Qianlong Lee, who was panting and holding the door open, and stormed out the door, still swearing.Caught off guard by the thrust, Qianlong Lee fell forward inertia, threatening to fall.Then an arm around him kept Qianlong Lee from falling after all. It
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006 Mother's 60th Birthday
Qianlong Lee felt a wave of humiliation, even though he had expected it. Blame their own talent is too poor, not to do network writer material at all, if you continue like this, I'm afraid that sooner or later you will die of exhaustion here.Qianlong Lee dragged himself along, bumping into a number of Public-level web writers as he worked.Their eyes flashed unbearably at Qianlong Lee's appearance. Qianlong Lee smiled wryly and did not reply to their attempts to persuade him to leave Qianlong Wen Zong.Back in her dorm, Qianlong Lee fumbled under her bed. Take out the buns hidden under the bed and pop one in your mouth. The buns were dry, and Qianlong Lee didn't drink any water, just lay down on the bed.Qianlong Lee lay in bed, contemplating how to solve the problem at hand."I am in such poor health that if I continue to do so much work, I will end up dead on my feet all over again! For now, I have to run for a while to avoid death!"Qianlong Lee thought about it, but it was the on
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007 Homecoming
His sudden appearance was so startling that all the villagers nearby saw was a flash of light. Then Qianlong Lee appeared in front of them, and whoever recognized Qianlong Lee hurried inside to tell Qianlong Lee's parents.Moments later, Qianlong Lee's father walked out of the house in surprise.Qianlong Lee's father took Qianlong Lee by the hand and asked with concern, "Son, what brings you back? I told you. Rest assured, in Wen Zong practice, your mother and I are fine. Don't think about home all the time."Qianlong Lee's father had joy in his eyes, but how could he not be happy that his son had returned to wish his mother a happy birthday?Three years ago, Qianlong Lee traveled alone to Qixi Wenzong to take part in a portal author trial. Qianlong Lee, who was hopeful at the time, was told she was too talented to achieve much as a web writer.But the stubborn Qianlong Lee was forced to kneel for seven days and nights in front of Qixi Wenzong Hill, before being finally accepted by Qi
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008 Door-knocking Shaming
It was also Qianlong Lee and his father had some people in Lee's family who had joined the Seven Heavens, so he never went too far."You slow down, kid, and help Uncle Sam get there." Qianlong Lee His father turned to Qianlong Lee's mother, his tone filled with disdain for the three uncles.Qianlong Lee's mother heard the deep meaning, but she hurried forward and helped her trembling uncle to the banquet.When he saw the old man leave, Qianlong Lee's father whispered to Qianlong Lee, "The old man, he didn't like your father, the co-leader kicked me out of the family, now he sees the boy you've made a success of, and he's come to congratulate you, the old man, he's always been such a snob."At that moment another carriage came running, stopped at the gate of the stockade, and out stepped a hale and hearty man in his fifties.The old man was flushed, well dressed, and obviously rich. The older man looked at Qianlong Lee's father with a sneer on his face and said, "Congratulations, Secon
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009 Father Was Sick with Anger
At that, Qianlong Lee suddenly felt bad, that things were about to get worse.Qianlong Lee was silent, and he couldn't imagine his parents' reaction when they found out.At Haotian Lee's words, Qianlong Lee's father's expression wilted. He couldn't believe what he was being told, he kept looking at his own child for a negative answer from Qianlong Lee, but he could see a hint of shame on Qianlong Lee's face.Qianlong Lee His father shuddered inwardly, a bad feeling rising."Phoenix, is he telling the truth?" Qianlong Lee's mother, next to him, asked expectantly.Meanwhile, Haotian Lee added sarcastically: "I told you this kid. It's a disgrace to be conspicuous without that stuff. Three years of not being able to break the public trifecta. I'm afraid even a pig is better than him."Qianlong Lee's father, who suddenly appeared to be a teenager, slumped to the ground.Qianlong Lee's mother, too, was flabbergasted. Lenovo thought of Qianlong Lee's calloused hands, but she still seemed inc
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010 Shocking Treasures
Qianlong Lee's father sighed and began, "Son, I just can't be a subscription-level web writer, that's all. It's okay, you listen to your father, go home and study masonry and leave Sevens. Stop being a public level web writer for Rausch and be a mortal for the rest of your life."With that, Qianlong Lee's father sighed again, wondering whether to lament the injustice of fate or the coolness of human kindness.Beside him, Qianlong Lee looked lovingly at his son and exhorted: "Don't do anything stupid, kid. You're the only kid in the world. If anything happens to you, you don't want to live. Baby, be strong."With that, the tears in the corners of Qianlong Lee's mother's eyes stopped.Qianlong Lee looked at his parents and nodded, "Don't worry, Mom and Dad, I'm not going to do anything stupid, I have my own plans, you don't have to worry."Qianlong Lee's mother held Qianlong Lee in her arms and whispered, "Son, it's over, we don't want this anymore, just get on with your life."The warm
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