An Awkward Encounter

Deep into the night.

Ian woke up from his sleep. He looked to the left where Ash was sleeping soundly. To his right, the maze was also asleep. Looking at the maze, events from a few hours ago came to his mind naturally.

"A name?"

Ian placed the food in his hand down and looked at the millennium old kid beside him. 

"Yes. I heard that it was you who gave Ash his name. I also want one."

"Hmm.. That's true. I can't keep calling you the maze forever."

Ian agreed with his request and asked for some time to think of a name for him. 

Ian stopped thinking about it for now and decided to focus on getting out of the duchy quietly. He was going to use the teleportation portal in his study since that way, he won't need to avoid the guards or sneak out like a thief. 

 He got up from the bed, cha

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