Corner's Intentions

Ian was standing in front of a prison cell. As he grabbed the keys to the cell, he told Corner that he'd be going inside. 

"Y-young master!"

Corner hurriedly came and squeezed himself in between Ian and the Cell door. 

"What's wrong?"

Ian took a step back and asked. 

"That's too dangerous! Please let me go in first."

Corner pleaded. Seeing his earnest expression, Ian wondered what was wrong. Something about Corner was definitely off and Ian could feel it. 

The only problem was he couldn't exactly put his finger on what exactly had gone wrong. So he let things continue for now and handed the keys over to Corner. 

"Go on.."

Corner looked relived as he took the keys from Ian's hand. He then carefully unlocked the door and opened the door for Ian, after checking for himself th

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