The Age Stone And The Island Of Spirits

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The Age Stone And The Island Of Spirits

By: soufianemeziane OngoingFantasy

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A scattered life, between darkness and light, angels and demons, magic was the most powerful weapon in the hand of heartless wizards, the only survivor must kill all the others with ruthless. But even the war had finished, there is always the little fire that will one day reappear and burn again and again. From RASEN the land in the Indian Ocean and the power of RESRAST to the magical forest, the Age Stone was created for the first time, the stone of the immortal power, and the many wars between strong wizards to have the special power and ascend the throne of the magical world but as they said if you want the throne there will be a lot of blood. Until one day the terrible mistake happened by using the dangerous spell and many wizards become alive again, and a lot of new weapons “THE FORBIDDEN BOOK and THE BEJEWELD CREST“ to let us see the trip of many wizards to go “THE ISLAND OF SPIRITS” and save the world of magic from being doomed in darkness forever.

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  • reno Mea


    A Wonderful Novel ...️ I love it

    2023-11-18 07:48:54
  • Princess Galaxiana


    Wonderful story. A great read!

    2023-11-16 20:14:56
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30 chapters
Magic will always exist
Once upon a time , in the darkest time of life , when hate branched the soul of happiness and death split everywhere ,the war of wizards was the most bloody and awful war that you can imagine . Wizards had their own castles and servants , with terrible and dreadful powers, until the end of the war , only two wizards and one witch stayed alive , they prevented to make new fights again ,but evil will always exist , even if you try delay it some time , it will reappear again and remains forever A very old man lived many years in his own castle , one of the three legendary wizards who survived after the last war , he learned all the ways to use magic he could make objects talk and alive furthermore use them as weapons to protect and fight for him , like a talky table ,with only a hand bit on it ,can give it a spirit . He was so powerful in the world of magic , no one and I mean it when I say no one could beat him , but the age is taking him down , he is 80 years old , he is becomin
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Marie's love
A sunny day when Marie got out from the school , lonely going to the orphan home like always , few steps and a boy was in front of her eyes , a sudden movement from the boy was enough to make Marie freezed in her position , eyes occupied , time stopped in that moment , it was love from the heart without talking ,no touch , marie knew that he is going to ask her the popular and the commun question and she was going to say no but why couldn’t she , why couldn’t refuse , why can’t move , it’s like magic , the boy gave her a letter and he went away . “When we were teens, we didn’t see plainness, neither control our feelings, this is the beauty of life, my dear; your simplicity is your beauty, my heart could not hide the truth that I loved you every time I saw you, you are my sun in the morning and my moon in darkness, you are my dream love and queen of my heart “ That day when Marie had read the letter, a freezy air touch her heart, it was love, it opened her heart with a special
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It Begins
The old wizard :Centinella that strong witch , the writer of people’s death and one of the most legendary witches and the last woman who stayed alive after the last war . she had one sister , lived in a poor family she had her power of magic from her aunt who gave it to her , when she was dying ,the power of writing destiny Centinella can write your destiny in a paper and suddenly what she wrote will happen to you!! The two kids: so strong, but why she didn’t kill you so? The old man she did killed a lot of wizards and witches, but she could not kill me because, the spell of her power needs condition ,such an easy stipulation for her, with the easiest wizards ,but not me ,the conditions are : knowing five secrets of your life that no one know but only you that’s why she learned to use and control animals insects everything to bring her informations about us but she couldn’t know a lot ,She changed a lot after the death of her sister The two kids asked : how did her sister died
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The Big Mistake
A snowy day, so cold when foziane got his freedom , he was so sick and tired he returned to his castle , to make some drugs , in this time centinella was watching all of what happened with the eyes of her insects everywhere , only one thing it escaped from her insects is the ball of water where the age stone is ,but now centinella knows , and she was about to attack again the two wizards We all know that love hurts , but we always forget that when we meet someone we love , because inside our souls we are convinced that person is different , the age stone where death , love , darkness melt in the purple color and give him the great force “I dreamed always about peace, a new world without wars, and no darkness ,but where there is white ,it black will be close to it ,such a sad truth like a white shining butterfly flying around black fire “the old wizard said Centinella the beautiful witch with her white dress ,walking barefoot, in the garden of her castle between flowers , insec
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Death and Darkness
Fosen now is revived , in front of a wide surface full with his servants kneeling to him , when he said: “I died , and you were too, now a dangerous spell ,had been used badly , everything will be out of the control , we will get our force again , and we will take down our enemy this time “ Fosen one of the most dangerous wizards , he killed a lot of people , his story begins with his family when he killed his parents and all his brothers and sisters when he was at his 7 years old that time when he discovered his power and decided to use it on his family and a lot of people died , with opening eyes and mouth ,and contracting necks and hands . The color black designates many signs for me, sometimes I see this color as death, sometimes suffering, but if we want to talk one day about spiritual suffering I would say it’s dying slowly by poison . Fosen ordered his servants to go searching for scorpions animals , anything had poison inside its body , and he used a spell , when s
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House Of Spirits
Sometimes i talk to myself , trying to give answers about a lot of questions , to solve problems , the reason why I count on myself a lot ,never trust ,no love , no secrets ,and no best friends ,even I feel sometimes that the only thing I trust is a book , but it doesn’t make sense , how can you trust a book that was written by someone you don’t know him. This kind of questions that I really want to have an answer for . I spend a lot of time , to develop myself and become a perfect person ,until one day , and I’m sleeping , I met someone , a person that makes me live hell and heaven at same time , I don’t understand am I living this dream , I have been doomed to live that moments , please tell me who are you “the old wizard said inside his dream I’m your soul , I’m everything you did in your life , I’m all your mistakes , I’m all your acts , I’m all your days “the black man said Suddenly I felt some cold in my feet , lights flickered in my eyes ,and , I’m in a big house , such a
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It comes from fear and powerlessness, to develop into a dark dominated flame in your heart even without any influences; it makes you a gloomy, pessimistic and black person who finds a problem for every solution. the prince walking in a dark corridor , slowly paths , talking alone : dying , throe , moribund , are so next to us , almost here , so close to our rooms , well-nigh to us , sad for you brother , you still have hope in this life , I can see your emotions , I can see you . A story of a young man who entered in his mom’s house to find her laid on the floor ,and his young brother hitting her; dark spirits flared inside him, he took a knife and killed his brother , blood everywhere , moms voice crying , feeling cold and unable to move , neither to talk , it was the moment when the prince of hate came to their house . Asking for wise advices ; writing the story but the papers become black hate destroys everything , even love will not save you , shadows and black fire are
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Queen Of The Ring
“Information? What do you mean?” Marie said “yes Information, that day when you were going to meet him , one of the girls of the house told me that esteban is known with a delirium disease “massilia said “do you mean , he was sick ,in his mental health?”Marie said with sad voice “ I tried to warn you, but I didn’t find you and from that day you just disappeared “massilia said “after Esteban’s death , I lived alone, I tried to recuperate my energy, until that day when I went to the cemetry some one was behind me , then I felt cold in my legs , and black flames ate me from all the sides” Marie said “flames ? someone ? but who ??!massilia said “ Trust me my friend , magic was always existing and wizards were always here , I’m sure that a wizard who killed me for some reason that day , but I Don t knew who is it " marie said “reason , hahaha , I remember that you are not a rich girl, but I remember your beautiful purple ring “massilia said “oh my god , I forget it , where is
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Prince Of Depression
Foziane decided too , to go where the special stone is , the castle of the old wizard for war , the stress was spreading in the world of magic , dead wizards became alive , and powerful wizards lost their control , revenge took its place in the summit of the conflict , and not the powerful will win , but the wisest and the intelligent . wars are like a dark spirit , enter in every house and castle , destroy pure souls , consume positive energy , blight minds , and ravage every corner, wedge and every place , when wars begin no wall can stop it , neither person , only death and tears will disseminate until darkness spread everywhere and the world becomes dark , only sad faces full with regrets , the enjoy of life will be vanish and be replaced by wail and scar , such a continues sadness . The dark spirit appears as a ghost, without legs or hand, no face to see only darkness, flying in the world entering where there is an evasion it will come in and change its color to dark, and ma
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Fosen walked to her castle when he found it close and a lot of servants ,insects and animals outside protecting the castle , suddenly fosen got an attack from behind .a lot of bees sting fosen with poison to paralyze him , but it didn’t work , fosen had in his blood the most dangerous poison and his blood is automatically protected from any kind of poison , but this attack means that centinella know his presence in the castle and he will be killed by her if he tried to affront her , so he decided to retire and escape . Centinella talking to her servant (with laugh): fosen , poison man servant said : shall we kill him lady? Centinella: no , I don’t have problem or any grudge Servant : maybe he had some information about the age stone Centinella : no he don’t , that man is only looking for my dragon he is an obsessed person about all kind of poisons Servant : oh yes he was killed by fosiane Centinella : don’t dare to spell his name in my castle Servant : sorry , sorry lady Ce
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