Is it merely a Coincidence?
While Ian was busy stuffing his mouth with cakes and pastries, they soon arrived in a secluded part of the city. It was where the sewer ended. And as expected, the steel bars were broken and it looked like people frequently went inside and out.

Steve was standing near the entrance looking like a loyal guard. Seeing Ian and the others approaching, he quickly went and greeted them. Ian accepted the greeting and ordered him to wait near the carriage as they headed inside.

Ian still had a cake in his mouth and a packet full of pastries in his hand as he nonchalantly entered the hole.

'Is he really a noble?'

Arthur wondered how Ian had no problem eating in a place like this. Even someone like him found it difficult to go inside without covering his nose.

"Do you have anything to brighten the place? It's dark."

Corner took out a magic stone powered torch from his pocket and handed it to Ian. Ian didn't take the torch and instead signaled Corner to take the lead. Corner happily took
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