Reunion with an old friend

'A monster that can defeat the main character? Now that's interesting..'

Ian was thinking to himself while trying to remember the monsters and demons mentioned in the novel.

He thought that it might've been possible for Arthur to make a mistake and confuse a demon with a monster.

It was a possible scenario for a strong demon to temporarily defeat Arthur. But for a monster to do that, it sounded ridiculous even to Ian.

While Arthur's teammates were freaked out and worrying about Arthur, who was practically covered in blood, Ian could only watch from the side and wonder what he should do next. He wanted to go out and take a look, but being in charge of the barrier was turning out to be more restrictive than he imagined.

"You alright now?"

Ian thought up an idea immediately though. He approached Arthur and stretched out an arm to help him stand up.

After drinking the highest grade potion that Ian handed him a while ago, most of Arthur's injuries were almost healed. From the look of i
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