Special Treatment

"Umm.. We'll give it back.."


"Just not right now.."

"I can see why.."

"We ask for your understanding."

"No, it's fine.. Really. "

Ash, Louis and Erza. They were talking about the shaft in Ian's arm, the stick he was holding onto for dear life.

Erza didn't mind. She didn't think Ian was the type to run away with her father's stuff. Even though they knew each other only for a while, she found him at least that much credible.

"Is it alright if I stay though?"

She asked. She actually wanted to stay and watch what else Ian was going to do while drunk. She found it quite amusing.

"Um.. yes.. I'll grab you a chair."

They were already back at their camping spot. The camps that they had set up yesterday, and even the food and bed, everything was left as they were.

She looked around and observed the many new and unique things that she had never seen before. Some were new to her while common in their world, just because their tribe had no contact with the outside world.

But some were
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