Battle to Survive Capture II

'I do not recommend that! The Law of Love filled your soul to its current capability that your form can handle. Gluttony stretched it further. Using Gluttony once more at this time will only force your soul into expiration. Soul decline!' Yasmin warned.

Just then, a heavy weight buckled into his side sending him spinning away. His energy dropped to 20 at the impact.

"I said, don't kill it. Deola call your wolf back." Tobia ordered as the wolf strolled leisurely to the smacked out body of Bayo that was lying haphazardly against the circular rock.

"He's knocked out!" The wolf rasped as the Deola moved closer.

'Tske... eh... damn l.. you... I'm not.... knocked out yet...' Bayo strained within his mind. 

His soul had being bulging for the time past now, on the verge Of exploding. Using Gluttony once more would make sure the job was complete but again, his soul was already down t

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