Chronicles of Aeryllia: Genesis

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Chronicles of Aeryllia: Genesis

By: A. Z. Bloodstone OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The God known as "Corvash the Godslayer" has lain waste to nearly all of the Hundred gods of the Fourth Dimension. Now that Shayla has reached maturity, Corvash has set his sights on destroying her peaceful world of Aeryllia. Corvash is a savage god, and even went so far as conscripting Athena from the old gods of the Third Dimension for her brilliance in war tactics. However, a few years in the Fourth Dimension has been thousands of years in the Third Dimension. The old gods of the Third Dimension are dead. Of all of the mortals in the Third Dimension, Shayla believes Sean MacLean may be the mortal vessel of the savage god of war once known as Ares. No matter what, she knows that he's special, and his otherwise boring retirement is about to get...interesting... I own the copyright to this cover including all parts and layers.


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The Conflict
Shayla walked among her creation, appreciating what she had created. She stopped to smell the sweet, exotic flowers in the forest. The suns shined down with a soft, warm glow, bathing her flawless ashen skin in their soft light. It warmed her heart to feel the delicate silken petals between her fingers, and to smell the sweet aroma. She gently plucked the lavender orchid, taking enough stem to thread it through her waist length, curly white hair, and tucked it behind her long and tall pointed ear. The enticing smell tingled her senses. Coupled with the warmth of the glow of the suns upon her nude body, the experience was enough to make her feel a little moist. She reached down and touched herself, slipping a long delicate finger between her folds, and fondled herself. She leaned against the smooth bark of a large tree, slid down to a spread legged sitting position. She allowed her long and thickly lashed eyelids to close, as her mouth fell slightly open, thoroughly enjoying the sens
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Through the Looking Glass
I had been born across the pond, I was one of Clan MacLean, and I had come to visit my hereditary homeland on the Isle of Mol. After touring the mainland of Scotland, I decided to stay. I put in for a work visa, and secured a flat in Glasgow. I was working at a sheep farm just outside of town. Today was a weird day so far. It was unseasonably warm for this time of year, and although I had intended to sleep in, I couldn't shake the feeling of being watched. When I awoke, I was drenched in sweat because of the humidity, so I figured to grab a quick shower. As I was cleaning myself, I had this sudden feeling that I was inside a woman. It felt so real! It was amazing, but a little unsettling, because I had that funny feeling that I was being watched again. I was about to blow when the sensation suddenly stopped. I was a bit disappointed. I finished my shower and lightly dried off. Standing in the mirror, I lathered up my face and shaved. After wiping my face clean, I gazed in the mirro
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The BIG Surprise
Shareen entered the hut, her eyes adjusting to the darkness and searching until she found her sister standing by the bed. Shayla stood there literally panting, staring down at the large man lying prone and naked on the bed. As Shareen's eyes took in the giant elf, she surveyed his body. He had short, wavy white hair, a chiseled face, tall upswept pointed ears, a straight nose, and a golden stud piercing his left eyebrow. "Mmm...very handsome indeed...and much bigger than your usual creations."She continued to survey the male. His skin was a couple of shades darker than Shayla's, and his arms were well muscled, covered in sleeves of white inked tattoos of runes that marked him as Shayla's chosen champion. Her eyes roamed over his well defined abdomen, and down to his manhood, and her eyes widened. "By the Dead Eighty-eight!" She went to reach down and caress it, when Shayla froze her with a glare. "I thought you wanted Malkym!"Shareen froze mid-reach and straightened back up. "I DO!
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An Unexpected Adventure
When I awoke, Shayla was nowhere to be found. Maybe it had all been a dream. "Shayla!" I called for her, my deep voice thundering louder than I had intended. Still, no answer. I surveyed the hut.It was a modest abode. A small bedroom area, with a large bed, a stand with a chamber pot, and a three drawered wardrobe in the other corner. The doorway to the main room was in the center of the wall that separated the two rooms.I rose to my feet and went over to the wardrobe. After rifling through the cabinets and drawers, I picked out some things to wear. A black, silver threaded brocade tunic, a pair of woven gray breeches that tied up in the front, a pair of calf high black suede boots with thick cuffs at the tops, and a black leather belt with an exquisite silver buckle.I sort of felt like I looked like a pirate after I was fully dressed, except these clothes were a lot finer. Maybe more like a pirate captain. Captain Sean! Arrr! All I needed was an eyepatch, a tricorn hat with a plum
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Onward to Stone Keep
Once all was said and done, the elves were in high spirits. I had delivered on my promise, and every one of them felt avenged. The most elderly among them was certain that the spirits of the fallen smiled down upon me. I didn't necessarily take great pleasure in what I had done. I just felt that I did what I'd had to do to right a wrong by exacting an eye for an eye styled vengeance.Most elves were kindly and gentle by nature. They only killed what they planned to eat, and often did that with great sorrow in their hearts. They weren't violent, typically didn't believe in fighting, and even, when the orcs first appeared, tried to befriend them. In turn, the orcs viewed them as a weak, and easily conquerable people. If the races of elves were going to survive, they were going to have to develop a darker nature.We gathered weapons to arm those willing and able to fight, and gathered all of the unclaimed loot into a large chest. Some of those who wouldn't be fighting volunteered to carr
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Settling In
The first point of order was to deal with all of this newfound wealth! I grabbed a couple of handfuls of doublez and slipped them into my pouch, and then a small handful of diamonds, which I put into the small gempouch that Kogar had given me in the cave while he was masquerading as Kagor. I had no clue how much things costed here, or it thet costed much at all, but I didn't want to be caught being unable to even pay for a simple loaf of bread!I had the Lord's men return the chests, as well as my chest to the Keep's vault. The Lord of the Keep had little use for stealing, and things stayed put well enough there, so I didn't see any need to make a grand show of being mistrustful of him now. "Lord V'Daak, until we can build a suitable garrison for the Paladins, I believe the best place to keep the Order's wealth, is right alongside yours. After all, it will be used to the benefit of you and our people anyway."Lord V'Daak seemed appreciative of me placing this trust in him. "It will be
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Social Reformation
When I awoke in the morning, my armor was piled neatly on one side of the desk, and some very fine clothing was piled on the other side. I didn't have to guess who had picked them out. They appeared to be brand new, and the blue of the gemmed buttons and embellishments matched her eyes exactly.I didn't foresee needing to wear any armor today, so I opted for the steelsilk garments instead. The tunic was a deep blue with silver threading and buttons. The breeches were black, tied up in the front, and had the same silver threading and buttons. The boots were between my calves and knees in height, with wide flared cuffs that turned down, made of black suede with sapphire gemmed silver buckles, with hardened leather soles.The belt was thick black leather, and tied through a wide silver buckle, inscribed with protection runes, and had a dozen sapphires encrusted around the edge. Near the pile of clothes, was a black, silver threaded dagger sheath, with a silver and sapphire encrusted tie
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The Two Prophecies
As I arrived at the entrance to the Arcane Academy, I considered folding the map up to tuck into my coin pouch. Feeling how brittle the parchment was, I decided against this course of action.The market district was just down the street, so I headed back that way. I spotted the messenger place. "Ok, slight change of plans." I ducked in through the doorway.It was a small office space consisting of a small front parlor about twelve feer wide and eight feet deep. The front area was dominated by an eight foot long counter, where an ancient gnome was perched upon a high stool. He greeted me with a bright smile. "Good midday to you! How may I assist?"I nodded in return. "I'm in need of three runners, on a perpetual basis. They will need to accompany me wherever I go, and be ready to sprint off with messages at any given time." I wasn't sure if they could provide me with such service, but hey, it never hurts to ask.He nodded grinning ear to ear. "You could have saved yourself a lot of bre
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Shaping the Future
I exited the temple, seeing my entourage, but not really seeing them. I began walking towards the eastern gate, and my entourage fell into step behind me.I glanced up at the sky as I walked through the gates. The second sun was about to set. I looked out at the clearing, but it was anything but clear now.It sounded like a battle of massive scale was under way. I could hear shouts, metal ringing against metal, hammering, shouted orders, and there were hundreds of men training. Workers were busy constructing a wooden palisade around the training grounds. Fires were burning to give more light, and hundreds of tents had been pitched in the furthest corner.Suddenly a young officer, apparently a trainer shouted, "No! No. NO! Not like THAT!" He ran over to the young recruit. "Like THIS!" He proceeded to demonstrate a maneuver, then stepped back. "Now try is again!"It was impressive to say the least. All of these recruits, and even starting to build fortifications, as well as training bei
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Full Swing
When I awoke, I was slightly disoriented. My dreams had been troublesome, and I was having trouble separating the fiction from the reality. I thought to pull my hand up to my eyes, but I couldn't move my arm.As I blinked away the sleep, and my vision began to clear, I saw the curtain of flowing white hair and realized that Kee'ra had actually slept in my arms the entire night.She was tucked in and curled up against me in a manner where I could just tuck my chin and gaze down to see her face. I gently lifted the curtain of her hair away from her face, and I could see that she had a smile on her face as she slept.I thought of poor Sin'rae, and how she had likely cried herself to sleep, and it made my chest tighten slightly. By all rights, it should have been Sin'rae lying asleep in my arms. To be fair, and not meaning any greed, it should have been both of them.I didn't want to have to get up and go out there and see her face...the accusing glare...or have her turn things weirder th
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