Heading For The Bisellium

The Laprisha Soul beast Contest had been intended to run its full course with the interval of a year in between. 

In context, this meant that the leadership of Laprisha was only viable for the length of one year. Anyone who decided would want to remain in office after then would have to then compete again in the Contest. 

Infact, the contest of the ruling incumbent Lord was not debatable when looked at. For every contest that came about, one still had to deul the Lord. 

The Adzes valued and respected strength. In fact, the law of the Laprisha was inclined to worship the feet of those who were strong. Which is why in the case when the guards are supposedly to go after a person or people would rather shy away from that just because of the strength that person valued. In like manner, the people who lived in the town would not want to entrust their position of leadership to just someone who did not have something powerful enough for the town. After al

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