The Undead Commander

Ronke gasped in shock. 

At the very moment, all her hopes were on the verge of collapsing.. Even more, she was just about to add the death of someone who never should have a part in any of this, on her conscience. 

What was Bayo even here? 

She panicked, stretching out her hand to the stage almost as if she wanted to summon a blast of wind to swipe Bayo over and away from that stage. Her chest heaved heavily as Bayo whimpered, dragging himself heavily after he had been hit by the earlier sonic boom of the beetle. 

The MC roared out in enjoyment of the whole show. “What did I tell you, my people? This is premium content for you all. It is still not too late for you to adjust your bets to the winning side. Exactly” 

She hated the words that the MC was saying. Just who gave him the rights to determine whether or not Bayo was done for? 

“You have seen might and power. You have seen the calculativen

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