Hitting The Road VI

'If that is it, can I also disperse Agbara into the air too?' Bayo asked.

If there was a way he could absorb dispersed Agbara, then there and to be a way that he could also give out Agbara too. It was a wild thought but he figured it was possible. After all, what had helped him from entering soul decline then was a blast of healing energy he had gotten back then.

Surely, there had to be a way he could replicate that too.

'Affirmative. But that would require an even more strenuous process of another Technique, which you currently lack. However, on the host's request, I can do this.' Yasmin paused now.

'If you are curious about how that technique came about, then you should know that you brought it up entirely by your will. In the beginning, techniques were not existent, it was the result of the continued application of Law energies that brought about them. And in your case, your continued usage of the raw form of Principle of Absorption had led to the unde

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