In Pursuit

It has become perplexing now about the concept of the Rare Type beasts we often encounter. From time immerioal, no logical explanation has been provided as to why beasts of these type cannot be soul gazed.

Overtime, immense study and analysis has shown that these beasts often appear at instances that are of great imbalance to Fate. Once these beasts appear, they move on to destroy whatever was disturbing fate and then are gone from sight, only destroying other beings when they act in self defense.

This very behavior has led many to believe that this is Eledumare's way of balancing reality.

These beasts would not attack unless they have a fate disturbing entity. Also, they are rare and hardly seen. Indeed, we do not even know how they are born or where. The only thing close is that a beast can evolve to Rare Type especially when possessing three or more innate abilities. 

However, these Rare Type beasts have being appearing in numbers and wrecking hav

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