Laprisha Plains

Bayo stiffened just then as a thousand voices cried out all the same time, almost deafening his ears. The wind pushed against his clothes, swaying his gown left and right even as a swirling vortex appeared, sucking out the winds into the direction of Bayo. 

And in the next second, Shin and Hana gasped for breath as dryness rocked their core. The wreath of dark airs that engulfed everywhere suddenly vanished, leaving behind a sensation of emptiness in its place. Whatever Bayo pulled through was indeed strong, Hana and Bayo mused, struggling to get a hold of themselves and get rid of the sudden nauseousness that was climbing up their throats.

They knew better, that for any move to make the effort to cut through the darkness. The very darkness that was blanketing the entire landscape of Laprisha in a circular style, almost as if a spiral ring had seared thr


Wait... something interfered? A-ha! Get over here, Bayo. you are not escaping so easily. Hehehe...

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