HELL: The Dark Lord In City

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HELL: The Dark Lord In City

By: Riddhi OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Lucifer urf The Satan, is the true king of the HELL! One mistake or you can say plot of an evil leads him into getting banished from hell. Lucifer’s father, The god punishes him into the world of mortals where he’s living life of a billionaire.. he’s in search of his arch enemy Gong …because of whom all this started. And now after around 300 years of being in this world he finally ends up in Goa, India..the city that never sleeps. He likes the hustle bustle there and he sets his new casino and lounge business…but secretly he also knew that his archenemy is in this city only. He with help of his best friend, Maze who’s also the security in charge of hell, he tries to capture his enemy, GONG, who in real is a spirit with extreme powers…who wants to turn himself into human again and wants to rule over earth and hell. Life of Both the friends gets more complicated when they meet Dia and Lily, who look exactly like their wives from hell..but the girls don’t even recognise them.. Only god knows what’s going to happen in future.. With things getting out of hands how lucifer and Maze succeed in completing their punishment and would finally enter hell again? Fantasy X Romance X Violence X Drama X Thrill X Adventure X Love X Spell X Magic X Powers

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32 chapters
Chapter 1
“Please..please forgive me…I will not commit this sin again.” Whimpered a man laying in ground with blood dripping from almost all visible parts of his body.He was badly wounded and was in no condition to get up and run for his life. It was a new moon night, with moist surroundings as evening rain effects were still there. He crawled backwards on the slippery wet road..trying to get away from the devil of a man standing in front of him. The man in black hoodie and trousers with his hood on, that covered his forehead..he wore a mask making only his brown eyes visible. “The Eyes of the Devil” that’s what the other man had said when he saw them for the first time.“Trust me you won’t get a chance to repeat this crime. Such sins are meant to judged in hell.” The hooded man said in his deep voice.With each word the other man felt an ache in his heart, “Then let me die please..Satan would punish me himself in hell.”“Ask and you shall receive it my boy. I’m right here in front of you…yo
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Chapter 2
Lucifer was the new billionaire bachelor in the town of Goa, India. He quickly became a popular name in this small city. And just to add on to his popularity and to increase fun level in his life he started a new venture of casinos and clubs.This was one of the best business option for a place like GOA, as it’s a town that never sleeps. That’s known for it’s beaches, fun activities and parties.It was a month since the opening of lucifer’s club when he got a call, “Sir the man you said. He’s here.”Lucifer who along with Maze was having a meal at a beachside restaurant, finished in hurry and drove to the club in his black Mustang.“Are you sure he’s the same guy?” Maze asked over phone.“Yes sir.” The voice replied.“Follow him. Don’t miss.” Maze replied, he turned his face to look at lucifer who was driving with seriousness and anger on his face…This look of him took maze back to the time that lead to all this.…..Flashback to 300 years ago in Hell…..“How in the name of god you guy
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Chapter 3
Gong murmured something and drew out his sword that had a green flames around it..Lucifer also drew out his sword with red flames around it and both of them ran towards each other. When there swords met a loud sound echoed in the environment Like a loud thunderbolt. Maze was in astonishment as today he was witnessing two titans fighting each other. It was a fight between two GOATs of two different sides, good and evil. They fought on ground as well as in air.. lucifer used his wings to fly while half dead used his powers.As there fight was getting more and more intriguing storm started raging…making the wild shrubs dance with the flow of wind.Maze tried to get up on his feet as he saw a woman running towards the duo..“That can not be happening..how can a human be present in this isolated piece of land?” Maze said to himself trying hard to get up. But he couldn’t mainly due to his wounds..although all the lords and gods have power to heal but at this time he was so weak to use hi
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Chapter 4
“Queen the king is banished from hell.” Said queen’s attendant.“What? God can not do that!” The queen said in anger..she was dressed in wine coloured gown with a black cloak and a crown on head…her black eyes slowly turned red indicating anger just like lucifer’s She walked out of her chamber, her aura was truly of a queen, she she walked the people around turned towards her with only and only respect in their eyes.She walked to the enormous golden gates of heaven and entered in when the guards opened the door announcing her arrival.She walked upto the god and bowed in respect, after receiving a nod from god she said, “Father I heard you have banished the Satan from hell..may I know what lead you to take this step?” She asked with politeness in her voice.She may get angry and not agree with god’s decision..but never in her conscious she would ever disrespect the god. She had immense love and respect for the kind of Father he is for her and lucifer.“What would you prefer? Wording
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Chapter 5
The girls were exact replica of Daisy, Maze’s wife and Lilith, Lucifer’s wife nad the Hell Queen.The girls walked upto the boys and the girl wearing white shirt and blue jeans and a navy blue stole started first, “What the hell is wrong with you guys?”The boys who were mesmerised at the look of girls came out of their trance..“Is that how you talk to Satan, Daisy? Spoke out Maze pointing out to the way Daisy shouted at them.“What? Are you guys crazy or what? Daisy who?” She asked in confusion.Lucifer grew suspicious and took a back foot and said, “I’m sorry on his behalf ladies..he was just playing around..”Maze looked towards lucifer with all the confusion he had..but then his attention got diverted towards the second girl who spoke out in aggression, “And do we look like in mood of joking around? We could have met with an accident because of you guys.. who parks car like that?” Lucifer looked at his car that was positioned diagonally in the middle of road. He squeezed his eye
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Chapter 6
It’s been a week since the last meeting of Lucifer and Maze with the girls.The boys were in constant contact with the men who were appointed the job of doing a background check on the girls.It was 12 noon when Lucifer’s phone rang. He came out of his shower and slipped into his bathrobe before moving towards the dressing table where his phone was kept.He picked up the call and kept the phone on handsfree while he himself looked upto him in large mirror in front of him.“Sir we have found out the details of the girls.” The voice over phone said.“What have you found?” Lucifer asked in his baritone while maintaining his eye contact in mirror.“Sir those girls are biological sisters named Dia and Lily. Born and brought up in Goa. With a strong family background. They also owns clubs..the Club Royal is their most popular and profitable. Moreover this club is managed by the girls only.” The voice said.Lucifer was surprised at this revelation and kept on creasing his fingers through his
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Chapter 7
Finally Lucifer succeeded in taking the control over THE CLUB ROYAL. He was quite happy that today he was finally getting the chance of having a friendly conversation with the girl who was exact replica of Lilith, who’s name was Lily…apart from business ones. It was already dusk and the Town of Goa was alive again..“So you are sure you won’t need any managerial changes here?” Lily asked Lucifer while they were walking around the club that had number of people partying in.“Well till now I donee find any need to do so. And if you both keep doing your work perfectly then I don’t think there would be any need to do that.” Lucifer said with a smile.Lily and Lucifer were standing on a upper floor of the club from where they could have full view of the club, Lily was wearing a olive coloured fit middi that ended just an inch below her knees. With a cocktail glass in her hand.While she was all lost at the crowd dancing and having fun, Lucifer kept on admiring her…She’s a visual to look at
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Chapter 8
Lucifer and Maze stood on the back street looking at the lifeless body of the soldier. Lucifer spoke up, “just burn him.”“Yes My lord.” Maze said and he was about to say something but he stopped hearing a sigh..of a woman.He turned around to look at Lily covering her face with her hands trying to control her from continuous sobbing.“You..you truly are an evil..how can you do this?” She managed to speak up while Lucifer turned and got shocked.He felt bad for Lily that she had witnessed all this, he knew it would have been like a punishment for her.This soft hearted girl had just witnessed a brutal murder and that also by someone with whom she was enjoying a few moments ago.“It’s not like what you think it is..” lucifer said although he knew it was the most stupid line for such situation.“Really? Isn’t it a murder? Haven’t you and this friend of yours killed this pitiful man? Even after he was lying defenceless in your feet.” Lily shouted at the top of her voice even she had no
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Chapter 9
Lily was in her deep sleep, rolled in her soft comforter when she saw flashes of her so called hallucination…”he is a criminal..HE IS NOT INNOCENT .”She felt like it was a known voice but couldn’t figure out who exactly it was. She started panicking again, She woke up with a jerk only to see rays of sunlight falling over her big sized bed via sheer curtains of her window.She dabbed the sweat on her face with her tissue.. and took a deep breath proceeding with stretching out her body to relax..she again laid back on her back and looked at her phone that was kept on the bed side table, she got hold of it and searched Lucifer’s number and texted..“Hi. Morning☺️”“Hey girl. Morning..how are you?” Typed Lucifer who woke up listening to the beep from his phone.“Great.”“Glad to know that.”“Are you sure?” Lily asked while she was still typing further.“What’s there to get sure about..I’m truly happy that you felling good after that hallucination last night. You looked quite scared.”“Ho
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Chapter 10
While Dia, Maze and Lily were dancing their heart out Lucifer was standing near the bar watching them.He then turned towards the bartender and asked for another whiskey and leaned over to the counter.He felt a slight touch as if of a woman on his right hand that went seductively upto his shoulder and when he looked towards his right that woman had already reached on his left side.She came upto his ears and whispered, “How come the Lord himself is blessing my place with his presence?”Lucifer smirked and leaned over more by placing his right elbow on the counter and looked at the woman in silver chain grey slip dress. She had loos black straight hairs that extended towards her buttocks with many multicoloured braids.“Well I just felt I should pay visit to other people of mine too, you know not just humans or hell based ones.” Lucifer said with a wink.“And what I can see is, this witch is the only one blessed..may I know what made me this important to be visited by the Satan himsel
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