Misery and Fear


Time… Time is what differentiates the past from the future and the present also. Ime is the deciding factor that tells whether all of the efforts put in place have truly been worth it. 

Time is the ultimate determinant that chooses whether in a moment, one is made to be the hero or the villain of an anticlimactic story. 

Time is everything and to him who manages his time well is to whom upon which the universal secrets have been bestowed. 

On my journeying across the realms, I have come to understand that a lot of things are centered on time. And a lot of regrets are centered on the inability to maximise the time we get to make that which is right and ebay for us. 

Most times, it is of the fact that time does not wait for us to get as skilled as we need to be in order to prepare for that which is to come upon us suddenly. It doesn't matter whichever way time does present itself to us, the onus of the matter is that

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