Rebellion; Ascender Induction

FWOOP! A Bright flash of white suddenly exploded, stunning Ralia. It hurt so badly that Ralia felt she  had eyes that had gotten blinded already.

‘Painful….’ She cried out, feeling the sting of the light like lashes across her entire body even though she did not really have now as at now. She was just a floating consciousness.

But just as soon as the pain came, it subsided alsot immediately, the white light that was all about dying out its brilliance. And in it, she could feel several things taking shape within it, almost as if objects and items were being built into life in reaction to her presence. . 

Startled, she gasped. In the distance just before him, was a huge but yet slender figure. The figure had a cape overall flapping behind him and was backing her. Strangely, she felt some r

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