Rebellion IX

Ralia swallowed now, What this lady was hoping for, was something that was like a hot bath on a cold day But she did not have that within her reach. She was not that powerful, she could not guarantee that their lives would be theirs even if they followed her to rebel.

And as she thought about this, the woman kept on looking, watching the minute changes in her face as she pondered over the words. And when she had determined that she had had enough of the indecision of Ralia, she heaved out sadly. “ I knew it. There is no guarantee of anything if we chose to follow. We should just kill you already. At least, we would be assured of one thing, food.” She said and then raised the knife, holding it in both hands now.

“Nooo…. Wait…” Ralia cried out desperately, cursing the fact that she could not move to hit the road,away from the

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