Rebellion X

I am not an evil man, you see. I am simply the man who knows how to get things done, so maybe it is time you all stopped hating me for my guts.

There can never be change without the one to effect it. And never can light be, without the darkness that follows. 

The brightest lights have the darkest shadows and for this, they must be purged. I am simply an agent of that purge. I am the embodiment of the guts you failed to act on. And to be honest, you and I, we are not so much as far from each other as you think. For while you cower under the oppression of those who are over you, I am simply stepping up to take the bull by the horn. And then, once that is done, I can offset the cancerous overlords that needed to be done. 

I would not sit still, hoping for good days to come when I can be that very agent. I wou

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