Saga of the Uniquely Stupid Chimp I

The feeling had been instantouse for Bayo. For him to switch into the form of an Adze all in a bit and then revert back to the form of a Familiar Prime had been all so super fast. It was something which he did not think he would have been able to achieve, without Yasmin with him. Yes, of course, he could just as easily switch his body form ,without Yasmin being involved but also, he had to consider the event of the last time. 

He had spoked Ronke and the rest up when he had suddenly switched into the form  of a growing Familiar Prime, as a youngling. He would not  want something of such to repeat itself again, especially since it was bound to be a really rough ride in a bit, being that the CFR pursuing ship had arrived. It would be best not to unsettle anyone so that they could focus on what was really necessary and pivotal to their staying in the air for longer. 


I feel guilty, like i have given Bayo way too many plot armors. he needs to learn that he is still at the bottom of the charts, just as an Early ELite Classed Ascender.

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