Saga of the Uniquely Stupid Chimp II

‘Yeoowww’ Bayo could only scream out in his mind, mentally as his whole body went through a wreath of red hot flames. 

Still in the gust of the momentum of the jump from earlier, his body went on, traversing space as he crossed the distance which was between the two ships. His body was roasting and he flew tall of the what, all of his insides feeling like marshmallows now. 

And oh, how hot the fumes were. The mere scent of the smoke that was about was roasting his nose, smelting down all of his internal organs that dealt with smell and breathing. His body hairs kept on shrinking as they blazed, the entire mass of the Lightning Fist Chimp now reduced to a literal burning mass of meat. 

Panic surged through his body now as Bayo crashed down to the decking of the larger CFR ship. While he wanted to re


Hmm. Consequences are rearing up. Lol. Dont give me that look. Someone has to tell Bayo he is not invincible yet

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