Saving Spidey I

'I am serious. I don't have friends here. Can we be friends, please?' Spidey's sharp interjection took the air out of Bayo as he gasped. 

'Oh Ho! Nice tactic but not working.' He shook his head at her.

'Please...I don't know so much around here and I just felt that since you had the power to survive a Mountainox then I could reach out to you. Maybe learn a few tips from you on how to live in this form and…' Spidey's voice dropped really low.

'I am nervous, Wolfie. All of this is strange to me. But you are like not new here. So, you can help me, right?' She whimpered into his mind.

Bayo shook his head again, completely at loss of what to do or say. 

It was strange. An Ascender asking him to help her out? 

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