World Of The Fallen Dragon

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World Of The Fallen Dragon

By: Marie Mer CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Pride is to blame for all troubles, and who, if not wizards and magicians, should know about it? After all, they are selfish, cruel, selfish, greedy and spoiled by their own power, proud, desperately clinging to power! Yes, they are indeed wise, capable of many things, sometimes truly courageous and faithful to the ancient precepts, but all this becomes so insignificant when wizards again begin to fight for supremacy within their ancient caste. And what if one more of them, a true madman, besotted with ambitious dreams, decides that it is time to change the world order?.. But this book is not about him. It's about Tobius, very young by the standards of magicians, but such a talented bearer of the Gift, who dared to claim the title of master of Riven Academy when he was not even fifty years old. Yes, in the end the young man received the coveted staff and the right to a middle name,

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The storm played out in earnest. Thunder shook the blackened skies, dazzling bridges between the clouds and the horizon flashed here and there in the form of broken lightning. Mighty thunderstorm wind spirits raged above and on the ground, swaying the crackling tree trunks.The three travelers made their way along the neglected country road, ankle-deep in mud, resisting the blows of the wind. They moved on without much difficulty: after all, two of them did not feel cold or tired at all, and the third wrapped himself in a cocoon of a spell that gave him his own warm and dry microclimate. They were approaching the intersection of two roads.There was a watchtower at the crossroads. Once it served the royal army, but now both the tower itself and the squat building from which it grew have turned into a roadside inn. The sign "Cemetery Yard" illuminated by a glass lantern testified to this.- Let's go? the mage turned to his companions.They only groaned softly in response.First, the wi
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Maren shrugged his shoulders to show he didn't know, and Tobius looked him intently in the eyes.“Char Maren, I saw a stuffed crow upstairs. This raven is your necrotic familiar [Animal bonded to the wizard by an affinity charm. Usually, the familiar acquires a high intelligence, can understand the will of its master without words, or even begins to talk. Almost always, the mage can see through the eyes of his familiar and hear through his ears.], if I'm not mistaken? You sent him out to investigate, didn't you?“You can’t hide anything from you, enchantment Tobius,” he didn’t continue to lie. “But there's nothing there. Almost. A village surrounded by soldiers of the Church Guard, where investors are prowling, and nothing more.- Only?- She's depopulated. From what I understand, people just disappeared. Most likely, it was discovered by some traveler, maybe a peddler, and everything was reported to the churchmen, and they cut off the gap of the tract. Now the investigators of the In
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Highbordan Forest was ancient and dark, part of the forests of the Savage Land, and fraught with almost the same threats as it. The settlements of the Rivne southerners huddled behind strong stone walls and looked more like tiny fortresses than the pastoral villages of Dimoris or Estre. The people of the frontier knew that the forest was to be feared, and they knew that it was to be honored, because all life in the south was fed by its generosity.The soil in Highbordan consisted of nothing but stones covered with a thin earthen blanket. Stubborn, meager, she rejected the plow, but the forest was teeming with living creatures that fed commoners in the service of the earl family of Caberden. Fur and game hunters, as well as fishermen, brought their main income to the treasury.In most of the region, a strong balance was established between the people of the Lord-Blacksmith and the spirits of the forest thicket, but in the very south, close to the border, the lands were sparsely inhabit
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Thobius' wand was the most common, forged from enchanted bronze, with a twisted handle and a heavy massive knob, it looked like a heavy mace. No magic stones, no special inscriptions, just a layer of gilding on the knob and twelve spikes around its rim.- More than once or twice I had to use it as just a heavy club. The gray mage patted his wand on the hilt. - Never regretted it.Marin took his wand and hung it on his belt.“And your companions, char Tobius, who are they?” I do not feel in them, so to speak, sparks of life.— Man-made servants. The most reliable.- I completely agree with you.Days succeeded one another, wizards and monks wandered along the forest roads, occasionally delved into the thicket, questioning rare travelers who had to turn off the wide roads and go deeper into the jungle.Once the wagon got stuck on the muddy bank of the river, and no matter how powerful Brother Horace pushed it from behind, it was not possible to get the wagon. Brother Olveh answered the o
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The monks could not sit idly by and follow the manipulations of the necromancer, they dispersed in different directions and began to crack branches somewhere behind the trees, apparently looking for something. Soon the good brothers returned to the path, slurping their salty slurps - Olveh decided to walk along the edge of the path so as not to leave any unnecessary traces, and Horace followed him.“No one and nothing,” said the little monk, “unfortunately, we failed to find."Then let's get to my conclusion." The necromancer rose to his feet, still clutching the basket in his hands. This woman was killed by a sorcerer.“Unexpected solidarity,” said Brother Olveh indifferently."And this sorcerer is not a Maren charm," Tobius put in. “She died a few hours ago, when both he and I were with you.“It is possible that he is innocent,” the Petrian still agreed, “or perhaps he has an accomplice. Time will show. Time and knowledge.Completely ignoring the gray mage, the monk looked at the ne
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They repeated these lines over and over again, saying each word in unison. The lines drawn on the ground glowed faintly, and the blood in the goblet began to seethe little by little. It remained cold, did not boil, did not steam, but twitched and gurgled, as if writhing in writhing.— Bekvim talvimat!— Bekvim fegatar!The blood in the goblet frothed violently, and Marin dropped it, but the contents did not pour out, but rolled out like a mobile and elastic ball of mercury. As if sniffing, he twitched to one side, to the other, crawled towards the corpse, but stumbled upon a barrier of broken lines and moved in the other direction.“It worked,” the gray mage whispered, looking fascinated at his handiwork. “Another spell in my piggy bank.“Char Thobius, does he have to move so slowly?”- How should I know…The gorewort crawled along the ground slowly but surely.“I think he took the lead.- I doubt. At this rate, we won't find the maleficarum until tomorrow morning.- Let's fix it! Bul
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Finding no remnants of magical energy, Tobius dispelled the Raccoon Eyes and created True Sight. However, the result was the same - no magical presence. By all accounts, it turned out that they had discovered a wizard's laboratory in which there was no place for magic.- This is absurd. There must be something here.“Everything is shielded, char Tobius, the work of a master rank wizard, no less.Both mages came up with the same thought, and they began to fear for the integrity of their skins more than ever. Until now, they had hunted a dangerous maleficarum, but now there was a possibility of meeting with a magician of the level of a master or, worse, an archmage, which neither one nor the other wanted.With a gesture forcing the golems to halt on the stairs, Tobius shifted his grip on the wand and walked forward. As soon as he took two steps, a wave of magical power hit his head, and with all his available senses, the wizard felt the heavy oppressive aura of that place.“It’s true, c
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The monstrous wounds should have killed the monk, but no, the strong, trained body was still alive, although it was barely breathing. Healing Brother Horace was useless—magic had little effect on God's servants—but Thobius carried with him an infusion of white aloe, bitter, fairly poisonous, but capable of giving a half-dead man a few extra hours if left alone. Pouring a liquid that looked like thick white milk into the cracked slit of his mouth, the wizard rushed away. There was nothing more he could do, no matter how much he wanted to.When the sorcerer escaped from the laboratory, he was met by Brother Horace. The huge Johnite blocked the way to escape, rose to his death and single-handedly gave him a worthy fight, but was struck down by something terrible, from which even the holy weapon could not protect him. Yes, but the sorcerer himself did not leave whole. Tobius rushed down the trail of blood, with which the enemy sprinkled the rotten leaves and branches of plants, running aw
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The gray mage continuously brewed medicines and combined antidotes for two days, keeping Maren alive along the way. Luckily, he had a few needles with samples of the acidic poison left to use to create an antidote. On the third day, the necromancer died, and he had to transplant his heart, and at the same time his eyes to replace those that had leaked out.Tobius infused a test sample of the antidote into Maren's body over the next three days, after which side effects appeared in the form of purple sores on his right arm. Taking a sample of the substance from the ulcers, the wizard analyzed its composition, changed the formula of the antidote and began infusions of the improved composition. The damage to the body was terrible. Tobius was able to fix something thanks to experience and healing talents, but only time and a miracle could fix something. The face was especially badly damaged, and it was not to be hoped that it would ever look the same as before. Nevertheless, Marin slowly g
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The wizard's feet led him to the threshold of the Sleeping Giant tavern. In his youth, he used to come here with fellow members of the Dar to taste simple human pleasures like beer, obscene language and fights. A faded wooden plaque with a pot-bellied giant painted on it, sleeping under a rickety spruce, still swayed on a metal rod above the door. Mildon Fazard hadn't been around to update it since Tobius was still an apprentice.Inside, almost nothing had changed, everything was familiar, and even the smells remained the same, as if from a past life. The owner did not recognize him immediately, only after a few words.- Don't recognize you! he exclaimed, waving his hands.- Is it? It seems that the beard has not grown, and the mustache too.- Well ... you know, good charm, the guy left here, and the man returned! You seem to have become wider in the shoulders, and taller ...“Well, well, don’t exaggerate, Mr. Fazard."How long have you been gone, char?"“About two or three years, I t
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