To Save Sibling

While he was in mid air, Hana and Ronke leapt out of the Bisellium together. 

Ronke’s mind was a mess. Her eyes watered continuously. It didn't matter that she did not know this Tangera so much but what she knew and knew was the truth was that Tangera looked out for the best interest of them. Even though it looked as though she was always trying to know so much about them, which had seemed so off to her, but that could be put aside when one was to consider how much of herself she was willing to give out to ensure the others were fine. 

She sniffed,her body airborne, a swirl of air, boosting her leap down and guiding the others towards Bayo. 

She sniffed again as tears began to run down her cheeks with renewed vigour this time. She remembered when she had requested the help of Tangera to help cure Hana of the supposed hallucinations that she had assumed was the matter with her but then again, the way that Tangera had responded was something s

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