Taking Life

Over time, we have sought for a new way, the new order to things. We have come together from different heavens, a people aggrieved by oppression, a people with sole resolve of redefining what should be as right.

But we failed. 

When we saw the new light in Trixius, we failed to embrace it. Instead we hid, afraid of the change he proposed, totally not ready for what must be. A folly we committed so wholeheartedly.

Now that we seek the new light, he is gone from us, extinguished like a whiff of flame in the wind. The preacher of new light is vanished before we can grasp him to behold his divinity.

He was our own God, a god we woefully failed by hiding away in fear. Whereas, Trixius had comforted us. Gave us reasons to live and push on in this evil contaminated heavens. He showed us how to rise above the limitations imposed upon us by the higher powers. That if we had it in mind to succeed, then no one ever, be it God or Demon would find themselves in o

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