Lingering Suspicion

"You have what you want." The 9.7feet tall Drakon Lord said, on his feet, grinding on his lower lip.

The room remained quite the same except for a little gold enameled black box that had blue lights hovering above it on the disordered table.

"Look, I know you are not convinced about this but..." The 10feet, pupil-less, shoulder  length haired Emere says, a little smile playing at the edges of his lips.

"Of course, I'm convinced." Meados said, flinging hands wide to his side. "I'm convinced of the combined hordes of demons that will March against the Confederacy soon. Do you realise what that will impact against the economy? Economic recession, low standards of living, price hike and item scarcity, not to talk of joblessness and general populace resort to crime to eke a living, coupled with the headline problem of defending against the demon forces." Meados frowned.

"At general estimate, 10,850 GoldMints will be needed daily to live above poverty leve

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