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Franklin's poisoned hands touched the wall, and immediately, the snake-like venom with which his hands decorated crawled up the walls. Tightening itself over the blocks, making the little crumbles gather on the forest floor, dying along with everything around it, Franklin watched as his poison worked on the walls. “Stop, this is unlike you. You can always change yourself,” said a voice that Franklin did not acknowledge at first. “You don't know me. I was born for domination and conquering.” He said as though he was trying to convince himself. “You are a giver of life. What gives you the right to think like that?” The female's voice was angry now. She emerged from the trees to stand before him. “I am a feeder of light, nothing more. I will conquer all who thought I was weak,” Franklin said, seething with anger now looking at who it was. “You think you're so bold, follow me and let's find out,” Lily said as she started running the opposite way. She aimed to let him come jolting out of his reverie, and if she tried all, then so be it. With a growling snarl, Franklin stopped forcing the walls to come down and took off after Lily. He had the mission to eliminate her once and for all.

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Franklin always knew he was different, and looking at himself in the water made him realize the difference he was from everyone was his sensitivity to magic and its power. He was an absorbent for dark magic more than light magic. He walked with his head held high, and his heart was beating euphorically in his chest. His teeth snarled just as the light consumers he was only a moment ago killing, and his thinking bears the same as theirs. He didn’t know his way of thinking was identical to a lunatic, and that his infection was spreading. He was way past rational thinking. Not only that, but he felt powerful and unstoppable. He also had his eyes set on the demise of his family, and breaking down the wall to reign havoc on the people who always made him feel he was unworthy of himself and to be called a prince. They would have to pay for what they had done to him all his life, his brothers, his father, and the woman he once told that he wouldn't hurt, his precious, silent mother. He com
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Chapter One
The day does not start well for the young fella of Haven Brass Castle, Master Franklin Juniro Sonmichos. From the stunted height of 5'1 (1.55 m), he doesn't seem to get taller like his older brothers Marcus and Freitas. All his family members were tall, unlike him, and knowing very well how self-conscious he was about his height, his family relentlessly teased him, making him feel less than he was. It would be the smallest action to give him a stir. From shoving him, resting their elbows on his head, and mocking him sometimes, too. He was too sensitive for his own good. That will need to change.“Look, Brother. It seems Franklin has grown!” His elder brother said, nudging the other one. “Yeah, when crows go fingers, then sure!” His brothers laughed and held their stomachs, pleased by the disdain look on Franklin’s face and their terrible idea of a joke. Although he was hurt by their actions, he fearlessly stood up for them when they were in trouble, and so many times he got scars to
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Chapter Two
Franklin was a being who taught himself certain things as he was a prince and someone his father was hard upon most times. Franklin loathed him for that attitude since it gave him no freedom as it gave his brothers. Most of all, his brothers don't agree with his methods of tactical battlefield plan. They have brawns more than brains, Franklin thought to himself. He was their only hope yet he could not get along with them. They were manipulative and hated him for his ways of thinking. He could feel it.To say Franklin was angered and furious at himself for failing at his matches once more, it galled him to see his brothers exceed so much better than him and hardly seem to find any pain in their training. But not him, he thought, gritting his teeth. The way Prentice was watching him too indicated he was about to get a hearing from him later on as well. He stripped the protective gear he had on as he walked away from the field, leaving his brother, Prentice, and a few guards who had been
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Chapter Three
The queen was stunned to find the king behind her. Thinking he might have seen what was happening between the boys, she waited for him to say something to her, but he simply looked at her. She smiled at him and approached him gracefully. She reached for him and he grabbed her elbows, bringing her closer to him. His frown lines grew deeper as he smiled at her. After a small embrace, she decided to break their comfortable silence. “The boys were being noisy again,” she said, turning to go to the railing to look down the castle walls. The railing was old but not creaking, just needed a new paint job. She ran her hands on the grooves.“I thought I heard something like that. Were they bickering with Franklin?” The king asked, joining her calmly. They both looked at one another.“Yes, but everything is alright,” she said as though she wanted assurance that nothing was wrong.“I hope you’re alright. You look stressed. What’s wrong?” He said, coming closer, almost whispering to her. Her warm
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Chapter Four
The anguish Franklin found himself in while talking with his mother, he felt like pushing her away. She could not see the things that were happening to him and he didn’t want to hurt her seeing how weak and vulnerable he was. Instead, he would paint her a picture of a bad guy and she would be so hurt with him, she would maintain her distance, just like everyone else. The night was cold and the hallways nipped at him even in his thick boots. He hovered closer into his thick bearlike cloak and gloves as he made his way to the library doors.Thew library door creaked slowly as it opened after the heavy push Franklin gave it. They were old doors but with the care they were given, they lasted longer than the new doors recently installed in some parts of the castle. Franklin liked the old look, and the library too. It had the old smell, and he relished that vintage look no matter what mood he was in. he studied hard too, in case one day they might be under attack. He was fully prepared for
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Chapter Five
From then on, since he found the book, everything changed for him. Though he didn’t know it himself. He was about to be in a lot of trouble. Or so he thought. Franklin always had a keen sense of common sense, and right now it doesn’t seem he was using it well. The book beacon for him to open it. The pages fluttered even more, but Franklin refused to do anything. He felt frozen. The pages now were glowing. The sweats never left him. In fact, he felt sticky all over, yet cold. The black book held a looming light over it, yet its look was sleek and sinister. As the night got darker, the air didn't like a warm body. It must have been quite some time since Franklin was in the library. His attention was long forgotten about the shelf in the library that nearly crushed his skull into his favorite desk. While he took a deep breath to calm himself down and reached for the book, his mind told him something. Once he touched the book, nothing would ever be the same. Pushing that voice away, he
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Chapter Six
Franklin wasn't conscious to know enough or comprehend what was happening to him. He felt as though he was floating in the air, but there wasn't anything wrong with floating. Is there? How could he do that when he wasn’t attempting to fly? He questioned himself critically. The air felt colder than usual, and it seemed the candles must have been out for some time. Everything around him felt dewy and somewhat chilly, but why was he not seeing anything? His eyes were closed, he noticed only now. His mouth felt heavier to open and work to say words. He only crowded his mind with thoughts about his surroundings. Opening them, greeting him silently, was matte darkness all around him, too. This time, it had few dim lights to see he was in a void, halo darkness, and it felt familiar to him. He was feeling uneasy. Suddenly, he saw a swift blurry movement in his left corner. In a blink, the blackness swirled all around him. He reached out to touch it, but it moved away with a hissing sound, man
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Chapter Seven
Prentice came to the library as it neared morning and Franklin was not in sight. He hadn’t shown up to classes. It was odd for him to start now since he never missed a class. He had a difficult day yesterday, but evil never rests, and he shouldn't let it affect him too much. “Master Franklin, where are you?” The library was a mess. He didn’t know Franklin was the messy type, but indeed there must be an explanation for it. Perhaps it was looking for something that led to a mess this big. “Master Franklin, you had class and your father requested you be there promptly,” He spoke as loud and clear as he could. It seems Prentice had the inclination to head to the library, where Franklin seems to live most of his time when he is away from training. No matter the endless talks about socializing with people in the kingdom or just his family, it backfires, so Prentice refrained from talking to him about it. Though he had been calling and looking around to see his crouched self in a corner,
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Chapter Eight
When Prentice told Franklin he was strung up in the air, Franklin brushed it off, half believing it, and half not worrying about it. He felt fine and there wasn’t an explanation for it since he doesn’t know what to tell him. He only remembered fragments of it. Not only so, but it would be beneficial to tell him when he could put it into words. In Franklin’s mind, he was confused, but he felt lighter than ever. He felt as though he could focus on one thing and not on many things that would stress him out. He realized he needed to have a better understanding of whom he truly was and embraced that instead of giving people a hard time.Prentice trailed behind him and reminded him his father was requesting to see him, and for the good of all, he should not disobey. Deeply, Prentice kept thinking of what happened, silently noting the nonchalance he sees in Franklin about what occurred. If anything, it seems that Prentice was overreacting, but he still felt uneasy. Seeing that a thorough res
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Chapter Nine
It came towards them with an aim, the fiery hellish orb of blackness and destruction. Before it could carve the ground with its sickness, Prentice leaped into action and masked it in a protective spell and covered it away from the people. The horrified look on the King’s face said it all, and with a nod he took off running with the giant ball lagging behind him. The giant ball was uncontrollable, lashing the shield at all ends to get through to the bright light of life. It dawned upon Prentice things seemed to be getting more out of hand than he initially expected. He knew things were bad, but this was heartbreaking as well as troubling. The questions lingered, pressingly on his mind; how long did they have before the walls couldn’t protect them anymore? What was happening over there? The king quickly waved his hand to dismiss training and shouted to let them prepare for their battle if one was to come. Everyone scattered, half panicky, half aggressive for what’s to come. Fear could
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