The Boat Bargain

Control Arrays have always been very important to the organization of the Contre for Forest Reserve. As it is of common knowledge, the Centre was created with the sole intent of protecting the people against the raging dragons. The  dumb dragns most especailly, who would see to no end that their siewhat deficit descendants are out to the death. 

It has branches which are spread all through thick and thin, some of them operating in the shadows which might not be in agreement with the various international trade and spatial laws. That is, they did not have the right to set up a base in other realms and areas which were not in their direct control. Although this was debatable, while the Drakonian Confederacy did not have direct leadership roles over these realism,they often had important strings which allowed them to stay in such places, with full rights as one who was legally permitted. 


I miss Grakons. They always scream out their words. Hehehe... Hopefully, we get to see soem mroe interesting personalities here

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