Arion's Nexus System : The Coded Warrior of Nova

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Arion's Nexus System : The Coded Warrior of Nova

By: A S HAADI OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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In the land of Nova, a prophecy foretells the coming of a great warrior who will unite the land and bring peace to the world. However, the warrior has never been found. One day, a young man named Arion is reincarnated to Nova with a Nexus system.

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Nexus System
Nova, a world of contrasts and diversity, beckons with its vast landscapes and uncharted mysteries. From the rugged North with its towering Frostpeak Mountains to the scorching deserts of the South, the expansive steppes of the East, and the lush forests of the West, Nova is a land of wonder and adventure. In the North, the resilient people of Frosthold, ruled by King Frostbeard, thrive in the shadow of the Frostpeak Mountains and the Winterwood Forest. The South presents a different world, with the fiery ambitions of the Fire Nation in the Sandswept Desert and the secrets hidden within the Rainsong Jungle, guarded by the Rainsong Tribe. In the East, the nomadic Steppelord Khanate roams the Endless Steppe, while the Oasis of Hope, ruled by Emir Hopebringer, offers solace in a dry land. The West, defined by the Sea of Storms, is protected by the Stormbreaker Armada under Admiral Stormbreaker's command. Monsterra, located in Nova's central hemisphere, boasts diverse landscapes from
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Martial Novice
As he savored the last spoonful of his meal, Arion contemplated the concept of martial levels in this world. The system had classified him as a "Martial Novice," a designation that had baffled him from the beginning. He hadn't received any martial arts techniques or training despite the years that had passed. With a sigh, he muttered to himself, "I thought being a 'Martial Novice' meant I'd at least have some basic martial skills by now. But all I have are these attributes that keep increasing." Arion knew he wasn't alone in his confusion. He had heard tales of prodigies who reached the pinnacle of martial arts and ascended to the rank of "Martial Master" in their early years. It seemed that, despite his unique circumstances, he was still at the very beginning of his journey as a martial artist. He pondered the vast hierarchy of martial levels in Nova, each one representing an awe-inspiring level of power and mastery. It was a ladder that seemed insurmountable, yet Arion couldn't de
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For an entire week, Arion dedicated himself to honing his martial skills in the heart of the vibrant jungle. The ever-watchful presence of Jude lingered in the background, a constant reminder of the pact they had formed. Arion's days were filled with grueling training sessions, pushing his physical limits and refining his techniques with each passing moment. As Arion continued his daily training, Jude observed from the shadows. Arion's determination to unlock his Inner Energy intrigued him. On the seventh day, as the first rays of dawn bathed the jungle in a soft, golden glow, Jude stepped out of the shadows. Arion paused his training to acknowledge Jude's presence, his demeanor surprisingly calm despite the gravity of their arrangement. Jude, with a confident yet mysterious smile, gestured for Arion to follow him. Without a word, they ascended into the sky, leaving the lush jungle below. Arion's heart swelled with awe as he experienced the sensation of soaring through the heavens o
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Arion stood at the edge of the vibrant jungle, his previously pristine appearance now marred by dirt and grime. He had strategically smudged his clothes and dirtied his face to appear as if he had been wandering for days. Despite his efforts to make himself look less handsome, the inherent charm in his features still shone through the filth. Arion, a 14-year-old boy with striking features, had tousled, jet-black hair that framed his youthful face, which bore the dust and grime of his fabricated journey through the wilderness. His deep, soulful eyes, a shade of rich black, held a mixture of determination and vulnerability. Even beneath the dirt and grime, one could still discern his youthful handsomeness. He wore a simple, tattered outfit, now smudged and torn from his staged ordeal. Despite the dirt and stains, his lean frame and well-defined muscles hinted at his potential for martial prowess. Taking a deep breath, Arion began his act. He ran towards the Tiger Claw Sect, weaving th
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Arion closed his eyes, concentrating deeply as he tried to sense the inner energy that had eluded him for so long. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead as he struggled to connect with the energy within. The atmosphere grew tense as seconds turned into minutes, and Arion's frustration became palpable. Fleming watched patiently. He knew that unlocking one's inner energy was a journey filled with obstacles. Just as Arion was about to give up hope, Fleming extended his hand towards him. "Welcome to my sect," he said, his voice carrying an air of authority. In that pivotal moment, as Fleming welcomed Arion to the sect, a translucent window popped up in Arion's vision, like an intricate piece of ancient parchment. It displayed his progress and achievements: Quest Completed: Join a sect Reward: Promotion to Martial Apprentice and Invisibility Elixir Fleming nodded, casually asking, "And what shall I call you, young one?" Arion, still overwhelmed by the moment, replied with a hint of e
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Jude and Fleming clashed with a fury that shook the very foundations of the sect. Their strikes were lightning-fast, a blur of martial prowess and ancient techniques. Arion watched in awe as the two Martial Spirits collided, each with a burning desire for revenge. The battle between Jude and Fleming raged on, escalating to unimaginable heights. Their strikes and techniques pushed the limits of martial prowess, creating shockwaves that reverberated through the sect's surroundings. Arion watched helplessly as the two Martial Spirits clashed in a deadly dance of vengeance and power. Jude opened the exchange with the "Crimson Whirlwind Palm," a devastating technique that sent a powerful gust of energy hurtling towards Fleming. The palm strike tore through the air, leaving fiery traces in its wake. Fleming countered with the "Thunderclap Fist," a technique known for its deafening shockwaves. The impact of their attacks created a dazzling display of energy, illuminating the battleground.
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Following the confrontation with Jude, Arion eventually made his way back to the Tiger Claw Sect, where the aftermath of the battle still lingered in the air. He had secured the storage bags containing the belongings he obtained from Jude and Fleming after the conflict. As he delved into the contents of these storage bags, Arion's eyes widened with surprise and curiosity. Arion discovered a variant Ring of Transformation, a formidable Fire-Embedded Sword (Grade 4), and a Wind-Element Spear (Grade 4) among the items from Jude and Fleming. Additionally, he came across Internal Energy Enhancement Pills, an Armor, Healing Pills, a mysterious Grade 5 Pill, a substantial amount of Gold, and an assortment of Spirit Stones with some other items. Arion replaced his equipment with this and looked at his system panel. Name: Arion Age: 15 Race: Hybrid Level: Level 1 (Martial Novice) Experience Points: 0/100 Health: (100/100) Talent: F Attributes: - Strength: 50 - Agility: 65 - Intell
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Soon the familiar system interface materialized before his eyes. Among the notifications and statistics, one message stood out, glowing in an ethereal light. [Hidden Quest] - "Become a Sect Master or Establish a Sect" (Completed) Achieve the ultimate status of a Sect Master or create your own sect from scratch. Reward: You can use 10 Strikes of Peak Martial Emperor. Arion's heart raced as he read the words. The hidden quest was now marked as completed. He couldn't help but feel a surge of excitement and anticipation as he considered the reward: 10 Strikes of Peak Martial Emperor. With a determined resolve, Arion decided to claim the reward. He focused on the message, his mind and spirit converging on the task at hand. However, this power didn't immediately enter his body. Instead, it was stored within the system, awaiting his command. Arion saw the newly acquired skill, converted from the 10 Strikes of Peak Martial Emperor, bearing the name "Emperor's Decimation" – a testament t
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In the heart of the Tiger Claw Sect, Arion's newfound role as Sect Master heralded a transformation that ran deeper than appearances alone. He had embraced the mantle of leadership not as a reflection of his true martial strength, which still remained that of a novice, but as a strategic maneuver in the complex dance of martial politics and power dynamics that defined the world he now inhabited. As Sect Master, Arion recognized the paramount importance of projecting an image of unwavering authority and indomitable strength. In the intricate tapestry of Nova's martial society, appearances could be as potent as genuine power. It was this understanding that led him to acquire the remarkable artifacts that now adorned his wrist and face—the Deceitful Bangle and the Veil of Dread. The Deceitful Bangle was not a vessel for genuine martial prowess. Instead, it was a testament to the ingenuity of the Nexus system that had accompanied him since his rebirth in this world. With its mystical ca
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Kyle Carter
The Raindrop District, with its bustling streets and vibrant energy, was a world unto itself. Arion had chosen an inn nestled within this bustling corner of the town, a haven where he could find respite from the complexities of his newfound role as Sect Master. It was a place where life thrived in every corner, a symphony of voices and colors that painted the town's vivid tapestry. In the early mornings, Arion would step out onto the cobblestone streets, the crisp air tinged with the scent of street vendors' offerings. The market square was a vibrant kaleidoscope of sights and sounds, with traders haggling over goods, and street performers weaving their tales through dance and song. For a brief moment, he felt like a traveler, a wanderer exploring the depths of a new world. The town he found himself in proved to be an unexpected challenge. Yet, within this captivating tapestry, Arion held a singular purpose—to fulfill a system quest, one that demanded the recruitment of individuals
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