It Begins

It did not take long for the crew to arrive at the mountain at which the CFR quarters were located. With A  certain guarantee that things would pan out the way they wanted, they had come to the conclusion that multiple plans would be devised. That way, if one plan did fail, then they could use the other plan as a backup and thus be able to resume that which they were on to. It Was as simple as that, in theory,perhaps, but in reality, it was not all that easy. 

With the crew in the lead, Bayo watched on as he flapped his wings. He was just a Tirian Bird now, he was not nearly as fast as those of them who used law energy to propel themselves, Ronke being the exception as she used her natural born ability to move. But then again, this instance provided for Byao to have a better view of the topography of the land. He could see the rocky landscapes here and there, he lifted himself off u

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