Voices In my Head

When I received the message of the Incarnations of Trixius being in the reach of the First Heavens, I did as I would be expected of. 

Promptly I left, together with the handpicked persons the Sect had chosen for me, down into the First Heaven to await the personification of the First of Trixius 21 one Souls, the First Born.

However, what I did not expect was that The Emere would follow down there to attempt killing what was of the legacy of Trixius. 

To be very honest, I would have stayed in the background, observing the creature of interest whilst keeping it safe from the ever preying hordes of demons and beasts in the chaotic realm but, you would agree with me that my actions were of a necessity.

Although, there is an underlying danger that word about our existence may come to limelight, of which we are not ready for the consequences, but I highly doubt that.

The Emere I battled down in First Heaven, is one I would readily call a psycho

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