Magmorian Outpost

Loud noise and chatters fill the air,resulting from the huge crowd on the plains. At the far end is a somewhat wall of translucent vibrant energy but unlike the one at Amnor, it does not stretch to the sky. 

Rather it stretches up before fading into the distance. 

Once more, unlike the Exotic World Bridge of Amnor which had a market some metres away from the bridge, this place has buildings clustered about a straight paved road that ends up, directly at the energy wall. 

However, the bridge is not in use and the very reason irritating the annoyed, chattering crowd that hang by. Some have their hands folded across their chests, muttering their vexations. Others sit on top of the luggages that are on the cart they have loaded, drinking or eating anything just to pass the time. 

Since over a day, the Exotic World Bridge of Amnor that connected the three heavens of the First, Second and Third, an important economic gateway that had been bl

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