The Stormy Flight and Mysteries

The right thing?

What indeed is the right thing to do? 

They say, evil thrives when good men stay back and do nothing. But is that really sufficing?

Most times, Fate plays with us all. And when Fate does, the question then to be asked is, is my next course of action reasonable?

Would it benefit me in the long run? If it wouldn't, then don't take it. But if you do take such decisions because you feel or society assumes it is the right thing to do, then, you bring yourself to irrevocable harm.

Because in the end, only you would live with the consequences of each action you make.

So then, why bother yourself with doing the right thing when your long term interest is not protected?

Even though, this may sound selfish but isn't doing the right thing because it is assumed so,even more selfish? Does society care about your feelings when you make such selfless decisions? I highly doubt.

Rather, society would want you to abide thei

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