141. Landing; Familiar Origins

The industrial revolution of the people from Familiar Realm did not just spark out of the blues. It Was fuelled by an earnest desire to become more than what was apportioned to them by life. They sought out to be more, to be greater than what was easily available. They Wanted to be more than what others could come to recall that they would be. 

And indeed they did come across the mark. 

Naturally, their position to the First Heavens would be heavily disadvantageous for them being that they were not strong enough to hold out against the Demon wave which would be coming out in droves. That Was a given factor but then that was not all that mattered to the true sense of it. There was another bonus to it, a bonus that they did well to keep well hidden from others. 

By being so positioned to the First He


Do you think there would be somethign out here for Bayo? the Familiar race were not always like this, damn devolution. Maybe Bayo can find out the real race and then evolve to it? you know, all Ascenders seek out perfection. I havee a large bet Bayo would be drawn to this.

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