142. An unwelcome Welcome

Hearing the words from the Familiar with the name of Abiola did not seem to hit right to the two Ascenders. Was that even necessary? 

Yes, it was true that the logical question here was to find out why they were here. Butthatw as not even making sense. Rather than do that, how about find out who they were? 

Even though it did not mean that they would automatically let go of their identities, at the very least it would sit better with the  both of them than what they were having to face. 

Bayo’s face contorted now. Shin was not even better. The two of them exchanged rather curious looks on their faces. But just as they did that, the faces were quick to morph into an expression of anger. 

Just that Shinwas fast at dispersing his own rage.


When did Bayo turn to a Master? Lol?! Nice out turn

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