184. Calm Before the Storm

Seeing the wall rise up above the City limits set a whole different mood in the entire Realm.If they had been so happy that they had an Elemental, then now, their hearts sank as they realized the severity of the situation in which they found themselves in.

It was not some far fetched dream. This was reality, the reality of things. And they would have to fight for their lands and for their lives,  a whole new development from the usual helter skelter  they were fond of running.

Solemn airs filled the City, in and without, everyone walking and going about their business with unease. Occasionally, people would stop moving, closing their hands in a prayer, calling on the  gods themselves to look into the situation and send help. Those who had talismans to help them in terms of safety went to retrieve theirs and those who wanted to purchase made sur


I had to do telling instead of showing becos, you know... I wanted to speed up on things. NOTE: We are only a few chapters to the end of Book 1. I am hyped up, what about you? Funny thing is, I ahd written the chapters long awhile but there was poor power to upload them. So, mass uploads for you, today. The last day of this Book 2.

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