183. Ronke's Love Confession

The people of the Familiar Realms are the most illustrious people you would ever meet in  all the seven heavens.

Once they set their minds into doing a particular thing,there is only very little that does come in their way of stopping them. It doesn't matter what it is that would be in their path, once they set their minds on something collective, they seemed to be at the point where nothing could ever come to deter them.

It was this spirit that kept the Town afloat and metamorphosed realms of scared villagers into what it is now. It was this spirit of togetherness that had helped to keep them relevant in the happenings of things in the entire Seven heavens even though they had very little energy to show for it. It Was this ability of theirs that did set them apart from their counterparts, the Abiku.

The Abi


Have you ever just loved someone that you dont care fi they dont reciprocate it? You justw ant to love them and be fine with it. Hm. Btw, I think Ken is really funny. Lol. And why do I get the feeling he is hitting it right with Spyder?

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