29. A window to the Past

Unsure of what to do, he reached out his hands to beckon to Yasmin. “Yasmin, are you seeing this?’

There was no response or even an acknowledgement from Bayo. Surprised, Bayo looked back only to see that the scene had changed greatly. He was no more in the Soul Space of himself. Which explained why he did not get to hear or see Yasmin.

Rather than that, he appeared to be in some sort of desert. And the eyes which were staring at him now seemed to have some more visibility, the space behind them taking up the faint outlines of a body.

A body which glowed with the seven colors of the rainbow even though it was faintly.

“Wait... what the heck?’ Bayo sputtered.

He looked behind him, and saw himself there too. Or rather the same version of himself that had been here right there, when the serpent was talking to him.

Bayo squinted. Had he travelled back to the past?

``Hey, can you see me?” He waved his hands at the serpent but there was no acknowledgement

Now, this is getting interesting. But if you have not read Book 1, you may actually get lost about this. For spoilers, this the Rainbow Serpent, yes, the rainbow you see in the sky is becasue of him arching through the First Heavens. So when next you see a rainbow, say a prayer and this DIvinity may bless you.

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