Rise of the Demon King: Caleb Gonzales's Rat Race

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Rise of the Demon King: Caleb Gonzales's Rat Race

By: MadRevenant OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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When Caleb Gonzales woke up in the video game he last played, he expected things to go down like they did in those webnovels he read in his spare time. However, there was one hitch. Instead of being the hero, he woke up as a demon rat, one of the lowest ranks a demon could get. Now, with the help of a sketchy system, he needs to rise to the top if he wants to survive this new world and possibly return home. Mega Writing Prompt #001/MWP#001

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Chapter 1: I'm a Rat?!
Caleb scurried across the forest floor as he tried to escape his pursuers. He tripped over a root and rolled across the ground. Leaves flew into the air. When he finally stopped rolling, he laid on the ground, still dizzy from his tumble. He quickly regained his bearings and ducked into a hole. The moment he did so, a wolf burst into view, snarling, and he almost squeaked. It sniffed and scanned its surroundings for its prey.Fortunately, the only good thing about his body was that it was small enough to hide in places where the wolf couldn't reach. As he watched the wolf search frantically for him, he cursed everything and everyone for his predicament. Most of all, he blamed the system that had brought him to this place and turned him into a demon rat, of all things.Hours earlier, Caleb groaned as he regained awareness. The last thing he remembered was playing a video game before falling asleep at the keyboard. Normally, this wouldn't set off alarm bells since it was something he di
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Chapter 2: Defeat the Demon Wolf
Enjoy his new life his foot. Caleb wasn't sure what the system or who created the system was on, but there was no way he could possibly enjoy his new life when he was a demon rat about to be eaten by a demon wolf. He didn't even know wolves ate rats. He thought only birds did, and they were both demons too, so what was with this unfair treatment? He demanded a refund.[Refunds are not possible.]Caleb glared at the screen that was currently mocking him. If he wasn't worried about getting the demon wolf's attention, he would be swearing right now. However, that didn't stop him from uttering all kinds of insults in his head. When he woke up after bonding with the system, he had thought he might have gotten a lucky break, so what were his stats?[Caleb Gonzales][Level 1][Species: Demon Rat][Strength: 1][Intelligence: 1][Stamina: 1][Endurance: 1][Dexterity: 1][Mana: 0]It was basically telling him to drop dead with those stats. Yes, he was a rat, but this was too much. It could ha
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Chapter 3: Learning About the System
[Quest][Defeat the Demon Wolf][You have successfully defeated the demon wolf.][Quest Rewards][You have gained a level and received 1 gold.]Caleb wasn't sure what to feel as he looked at the messages hovering over him. He didn't know how long he had been out, but it must have been a couple hours at least, as night had already fallen in the time he had been unconscious. Honestly, he was lucky that nothing else had shown up while he was out cold. Then it would be really over for him."System. Explain," he said as he stood up to investigate the corpse.[What is your query?]He could feel the veins in his head pulsating as he said, "Everything. You've barely explained anything since I arrived here. Start from the very beginning."[Since the beginning of time, angels and demons have waged war...]"I don't mean that." The last thing he needed was for the system to relegate the entire prologue of the video game to him. "I mean, explain why I'm here and how to use the system."[The user w
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Chapter 4: Making Plans
Level 100. That wasn't too bad. Who was he kidding? He barely managed to level up once. If his encounter with the demon wolf was anything to go by, it was that it would be impossible for him to accomplish anything on his own, even with the system. He had gotten lucky with the demon wolf. Next time, he probably wouldn't be as lucky.Then he realized something. "Wait. You said permanently. Does that mean I can still go back to my world temporarily?"[Correct. The user can temporarily go back to their own world every ten levels, but it will consume resources.]That didn't sound like a good trade off. "If I don't go back every ten levels, will I be able to go home quicker?"[No.]"What if I don't want to go? Will I be able to exchange for other stuff like items or skills?" he asked.[Yes.]That was much better. Even though he wanted to go home, he didn't think it was worth having the system take him there for maybe a few days before he had to come back. He would be constantly aware of how
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Chapter 5: Eating the Demon Wolf
[Caleb Gonzales][Level 2][Species: Demon Rat][Strength: 4][Intelligence: 6][Stamina: 4][Endurance: 5][Dexterity: 5][Mana: 7]It looked like he had gotten lucky and only needed to spend two stat points to raise his Strength stat to a decent level where he could actually chew on the meat of the demon wolf. That had left Caleb with four stat points left to use. He knew he should save the rest for emergencies, but after everything, he didn't feel comfortable leaving the rest of his stats as they were.After raising his Stamina and Endurance stats to four, he had been left with one stat point left. He considered saving it for a brief moment, but ultimately added it to his Endurance stat in hopes that it would make him sturdier in future fights. Now all that was left was to actually eat the demon wolf's corpse. With a grimace, he went right to work.[You have eaten a portion of a demon wolf. Your Strength stat has gone up by one.][You have eaten a portion of a demon wolf. Your Stam
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Chapter 6: Home Base
"You're back," the thing on him said.Caleb stopped squirming as he tried to process what was going on now that it looked like he wasn't going to die, at least not right away. "System, what's going on?"[The user is currently being buried under other demon rats.]That was what it was. He had been worried there. His relief was soon replaced with anger at the system, which could have at least notified him before he freaked out. He wouldn't have run off if he had known that there was nothing for him to be worried about. Then he realized that he had understood what the other demon rat was saying."Wait. Can you understand me?" he asked in the darkness.The demon rat on top of him said, "What do you mean?"Okay, that had been a dumb question. Since they were currently of the same species, it made sense for them to be able to understand each other. He had just been overwhelmed by the idea that he could finally speak with someone. The only beings he had encountered since he arrived were the
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Chapter 7: Recruiting Followers
Caleb had known it wouldn't be an easy task to start building his army of demon rats, but it really honed in when none of the demon rats were interested in hearing what he had to say. Every time he tried to speak with one, they would either ignore him, examine him, or pick a fight. The latter wasn't really an issue since he had gotten stronger, but still, he couldn't get a single demon rat to join him.Well, that wasn't entirely correct. The demon rat that had greeted him last night and led him back to the nest was sticking to his side for some reason. He didn't know why, but he really hoped it wasn't for the reason he was thinking of. Caleb couldn't even tell if they were a girl or boy demon rat. In any case, he really had no luck getting anyone's attention.[Can the system offer up a suggestion?]"Go ahead," he said with a sigh.[Why not recruit the demon rat currently with you? They appear to be open to listening to you.]The system wasn't wrong, and it wasn't like he had better op
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Chapter 8: Asserting Dominance
Well, that certainly put things into perspective, but it did make sense the more Caleb thought about it. Of course, there would be a leader running the nest. It would be stranger if there wasn't one when there were so many demon rats running around, and obviously the biggest, meanest one would be the leader. That was why he refused to fight the demon rat.[Quest][Defeat the Demon Rat Leader][You wish to create an army of demon rats, but there is something standing in your way.][Defeat the demon rat leader.][You will be rewarded once the demon rat is defeated or killed.]Staring at the message for a few moments, he blurted out, "Are you kidding me?"[It isn't optional.]"Didn't you say you were on my side? Why are you throwing me into a fight?" he demanded, much to Karen's confusion.[The user wishes to have an army to protect himself when the heroes arrive. The quickest and most efficient way to do so is to assert dominance by defeating the current leader.]Caleb didn't want to ad
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Chapter 9: Forming a Rat Demon Army
Caleb was hesitant to let go. It could be a trick, and the larger demon rat was just waiting for him to release it. He didn't want to take the chance and continued to sink his teeth. It was only after a message stating he had completed the quest popped up that he dared to relax. Removing his teeth from the corpse, he noticed that they had gathered a crowd.A legion of demon rats were staring at him, and the sight unnerved him. He felt as if they were ready to pounce on him at any given moment. Karen also let go of the corpse and joined his side, making him feel slightly better about it, but they wouldn't be able to do much with just the two of them. Even if they were slightly stronger, the others had the advantage in numbers.For now, it seemed like they weren't going to do anything to them, so he took the opportunity to look over the message he had received for defeating the demon rat. If he was lucky, he would have leveled up, so he was getting more stat points to improve his stats.
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Chapter 10: Building Rat Demon Army
Caleb took his words back after trying to organize his newly formed rat demon army to obey his commands. While the skills he had obtained certainly helped him quite a bit, it wasn't that simple to get them to do what he wanted. Their intelligence was simply too low. Just looking at their stats made him grimace, as they might as well be regular rats. They wouldn't make very good meat shields."Karen, you really are the only one I can count on," Caleb said as he faced his companion, who was helping deal with some rats causing trouble.As if hearing him call her, she looked back at him as her whiskers twitched. He waved his paw at her to let her know he didn't need her right away. She returned to what she was doing as he considered what he needed to do to build his rat demon army properly. Obviously, he needed to increase their intelligence enough so they could understand other commands other than attack and eat.Unfortunately, he had no way to do it. They couldn't exactly attack other de
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