4. World Powers

Orun is divided into 7 heavens, subdivided into a sum total of 401 Ilu(Realms)each signifying  one of the 401 Orisha(Gods).

However, the scaling only exists from the first Heaven up to the fourth heavens and by popular opinion, the fifth heavens as well which is the world of the Orisha and their offsprings, the Emere.

However with the exception of the seventh, sixth and fifth heavens, there are left only 1,604 realms in total from the fourth heaven to the first heaven.

Below are a summation of the dominant world powers with the number of realms occupied.


First Heavens 401 Realms

69%Demon Territory,

30% is occupied by the Death God Iku in binding down the owner of the Left Path. And overseeing Orun Apaadi.

1% Irunmole Controlled Realms

(The exact number is not known as the figures keep shifting due to demonic presence and the fact that the first heaven is heavily polluted)


Second Heavens 401 Realms

230- Drakonian Confederacy 

100- Allied Beastkins 

100- Changeling Unity

36- Unclaimed Realms

25- Adze Circle


Third Heavens 401 Realms

121- Unclaimed Realms

90- Hadja Commune

61- Trade Unity

58- World Coalition 

40- Allied Beastkins 

35- Changeling Unity 

11- Titan Federation

11- Giant Foundation


Fourth Heavens 401 Realms

401- Solely occupied by The Irunmole Society


***A world power is considered if it has more than 10realms within its control***

1. The Irunmole Society -401 realms

The irunmole society comprises of spirit beings that together compose the army of the Orisha. Emi Ogun as they are also called, are capable of gleaning the aspectual power their respective god represents.

Blessed with the backing of the Orisha, they are formidable force, often times, suppressing the demonic growth in Orun Apaadi and relatively maintaining order in the lower worlds and assisting the Gods in their activities.

Their world however is only native to Irunmoles. Whilst not being land grabbing as other world powers, the Irunmole Society has several outposts in the Unclaimed Realms where they use to keep an eye on all of Orun.


2. Drakonian Confederacy - 230 Realms:

Major occupants of the Second Heavens, the drakonians are an evolved species of the dragons, gaining sentience as well as intelligence to rule their domains. Once under the Allied Beastkins, and later under the Changelings Unity, the drakonians have being fierce fighters, earning their independence from their various dominators through sweat and toil.

As they grew, their power expanded and they have colonized other realms, leading them to a total of 230 realms. Only recently has the warring spirits of the Drakonians dropped, leading them to become relatively peaceful with their neighbors.

The Drakonian Confederacy is also home to the Grakons, a mix breed between dragons and giants. The Confederacy is lorded over by the peace loving and enduring Drakon Lord Meados.


3. Allied Beastkins  -140 realms:

Home to several sentient beasts, the Allied Beastkins are a rough coagulation of beast like realms that are under 2 beast commanders, each, reluctantly, subject to the supreme Solitary leader, Bello, only bowing their arrogant heads to his presence alone.

The Allied Beastkins Commander command 68 realms, leaving two realms for the Solitary leader as the federal capital.


3. Changeling Unity - 135 realms:

Changeling unity is more of a composed world power ruled by The Commander Circle, usually references as The Circle. In control of 135 realms, spanning from the second heavens into the third heavens. 

The Changelings are a breed of beings that are capable of shifting forms, most especially, shifting and adapting the features of animals to boost their fighting prowress.

Whilst their soul undergoes soul growth, they are however not so adept at understanding laws hence their energies are usually diverted into increasing the potential of their abilities.


4. Hadja  Commune- 90 Realms:

The commune is largely comprised of Warrior beings studying under Martial or Sage Arts. As small sized blue skinned humanoids, their survival in the Third Heavens has being one that had to require their strength at most times due to their picked upon by other realms and the occasional passage of demon waves through their territory.

As result, the Hadja Commune was formed, expanding for 90 realms in a bid to gain significance and respite and strength from and for the bullying realms and demon waves.

They practice only three laws officially, the Law of light, Law of War and Law of Fate.



1. Trade Unity - 60 Realms:

A congregation of merchant tribes who in order to protect their economy decided to form an alliance. 

The Trade Unity is ruled by Merchant House, a rough coagulation of major merchant leaders who employ mercenary force most times to augment their forces.

The Trade Unity is rather peaceful, only resorting to arms when trade routes and merchants become threatened, most times by the Demon Waves or when new trade realms are required.


2. The Coalition- 58 Realms:

Ruled by mercenary war lords, who desiring a place to retire decided to rally force to crave out territory from the unclaimed realms.

The Coalition realms in the Third Heavens is the hubbub of Mercenaries and their various 



3. Adze Circle - 25 Realms:

The infamous vampires of light with the innate ability of transforming into fireflies, an evolved and more civilized form of demons. In their evolution process, they achieved affinity with laws of light, howbeit, at the cost of incomplete souls hence the vampires have often to suck souls in other to survive. Their earthen counterparts however have to deal with blood sucking for the same purpose.

The Irunmole Society has always been at war with the Adze Circle. It is ruled by a circle of High Adzes.

4. Titan Federation 11 Realms-

Offsprings of demons and humans, the titans have being able to ascend to the third heavens, eking out a living for themselves. 

Red skinned with the average height of 10 feet's, the Titans contain much power owing to their massive builds. Due to their affinity for Darkness, they are a chaotic mess, locked in a never ending battle for supremacy with the Giant Foundation. The titan federation allow for free movement of demon waves to the fourth heaven, only obliterating them when they get in the way of the battle with the Giants.


4. The Giant Foundation - 11 Realms:

Offspring of Irunmoles and Humans, the Giants have being able to ascend like their distant cousins, the titans. 

They are capable of using Law Energy, like titans and together with their innate abilities are a formidable force to be reckoned.

Average height is 10 feet also.

They have natural affinity for the laws of creating and thus are locked in an unending battle with the Titans and are sometimes aided by The Irunmole Society.


The Unclaimed Realms is a a terminology used to describe realms that owe no affiliations to the above world powers. They are mostly independent, depending only mercenaries and realm alliances to get rid of common threat.

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