65. The Masquerade Procession

Hana's navy blue Kimono swayed in the wind behind her as she darted forward.

She was curious, this was not the regular town that she knew. As a matter of fact, being in the town, she had felt the most emotions so far. She had not been herself and each time that she had been around Shin or even close to where the others were, she felt a bit of herself slip away. 

It was exhausting. This was not how she was to be.

 Being a Platoon Sergeant, she was used to being the unshakable and immovable person who commanded respect based on merit and the abilities that she was potentially capable of. That was who she was, not this shaky person.

Not this person who at the moment notice was being more of a weakling than she would have loved to be. She was not like that and never would she be like that.

To allow even Shin to know this side of her was irritating to her. Her mind chided her mercilessly and brutally.

How could she? 


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