Limitless Ascension Supremacy

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Limitless Ascension Supremacy

By: MaxHolmes OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Born with good looks, peerless talent, and a demonic desire for carnage and destruction, the young demi-dragon ventured on a conquest to find peace and serenity in his power. After losing everything he had as a hero, he prepared to give it all up for peace. Arthur wanted to settle down with his family, and just rest. Even if the world wanted his power for themselves, he would refuse — just like in the past! It would be him against the world again, but he wasn't alone this time. To become invincible, He must be ready to face a new kind of evil, a new level of danger.

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    nice plotlines author. keep it rolling

    2023-07-17 17:38:04
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113 chapters
A Hero's Redo: A Devil's Salvation
Thunder rumbled in the dark skies above the desolate lands of Sevarna. Countless bodies lay mutilated on the blood-tinted earth, while the sounds of swords clashing rang out relentlessly. 'Today was a day that would be forever marked in history…' A skinny golden-haired boy scrambled to his feet, his silver eyes radiating in a soft glow and his slender hands wrapped around an exquisite red sword that was as huge as himself. 'This was a day that would be forever embedded in the river of time and age…' Before the gold-haired boy were dozens of heavily armoured skeletons with a bright red flame flaring in their eye sockets, their toothless mouths gaped to reveal the entrance to the endless darkness. [Player Arthur! Continuation with this quest will result in death, and failure results in the death of the last person that loves you in this world!] 'After being betrayed by the world I gave up my life for…' [Your Health is less than 10%, It is advisable to abort the quest…]
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Peerless Talent Shocking The Crowd
It's been thousands of years since the death of Sevarna's greatest heroes, and technology is slowly advancing. A tall muscular man stood before large groups of students in a huge classroom. Behind him was a board riddled with illustrations of various theories on magic circles and evolution instead of Mathematics or English. "Ever since the first gate opened, and the first Warlord Association was created… Humanity has faced nothing, but absolute chaos." The broad-chested man gazed into the eyes of every student before him, his chest pumped as he roared out, "The ability to unleash a strength ten times the power of a grenade with a single punch, the ability to leap across buildings and float over sea… Power roamed the world, and the thirst for it created the world we live in now. A world dominated by the fatties and cry-babies, a world where the truly strong are manipulated as weapons of war on the battlefield. A world where armageddon is imminent. The only way to counter this
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Recruiting More Talents
After the strenuous class with Lynx, Arthur who was as hungry as a wolf dragged himself up to the school cafeteria. He pushed open the steel doors, maneuvered around the maze of a school then arrived before a set of double doors with the words "Cafeteria" printed on a piece of paper that was hung at the top of the double doors leading to the cafeteria. The students who had been freed from the tiring teachings of Sir Lynx and the other teachers barged into the cafeteria with grumbling stomachs. One particular student with a tall bulky frame let out a hungry roar as he stretched and twisted his body to loosen up his muscles. After loosening up, he approached his predetermined seat. Arthur made his way to his seat, quietly sat down, and opened his storage space. As a wild list of his belongings appeared before his eyes, he smiled faintly. [Storage Space Grade 1 (8/15)] [Locked Chest(3)] [Ice Claw Wolf Fang(24)] [Goblin Junk(40)] [Black Eye(3)] [Icelandic Lion Hide(8)] [Warm G
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Home, and Family
Arthur ran back home after school with a smile on his face. He wondered how his mother was doing. Running past a variety of houses of different designs and sizes, Arthur leaped across the iron fence around his house. He jumped into the lawn, and dashed towards the door. "Mom, I'm home!" Arthur pushed open the cyan door which was left unlocked with a smile, greeted by the serene sight of a tidy and clean room. Sitting on the sofa was a tall slender woman wearing a long loose-fitting garment. Hearing the familiar voice, the blue-eyed woman turned her head to gaze at the newcomer. "Arthur? You little brat, your dinner is right in the kitchen. You can go eat right after changing into something casual. Don't believe that uniform into the kitchen." Arthur smiled warmly as he nodded his head in acknowledgment, before dashing up the stairs to his room. That was his mother in this reality, Celicia. She was a war lady at Rank A, her prowess was beyond the comprehension of Arthur wh
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Stepping Into The Dungeon
Beep Beep - Beep Beep! Arthur woke up with an unwilling grunt. His hair was as messy and unkempt as that of a bird's nest while his eyelids were heavy, and lowered due to fatigue. Fortunately, he had shut his windows in advance or the light from the morning sun would have gave him an irritating experience. He remembered days when he opened his eyes to a blinding sunlight. He would be literally blinded for a few seconds due to his inability to defend himself in his short state of muddle headedness. So, to prevent things like that, he would shut away all light, and riddle his room with multiple defensive runes and magic circles. Like a sloth god, a muddle-headed and groggy Arthur groped blindly around the room for directions, bumping into the edge of his wardrobe twice before finding his way out of the room. "Morning Mother, I'm going out today… I might be back in a day or two." Arthur rubbed his eyes and then yawned loudly, attracting the caring gaze of his mother. "Morning
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Level 7? I'll Chop It Down!
Everyone in Arthur's party jumped into the black hole with their eyes closed. The space around the team twisted as soon as they jumped through the portal and their bodies entered an endless and vast void of darkness, then, in an explosion of light their bodies which were suspended in mid-air was instantly teleported to the dungeon. When Arthur and the others opened their eyes and looked around, they found themselves in a dimly lit cave with just a few torches hung on the walls, their flames nearly extinguished. [Welcome Players to Desolated Soul Dungeon!] [Dungeon Difficultly - High] [Reward For Clearing Dungeon - All Party Members Receive: Random Item Spawn(1) ; 5000 Battle Experience ; Random Skill Spawn] [Penalty For Inability To Clear Dungeon - Death] Everyone in Arthur's party had the transparent golden screen appear before their eyes. Their pupils contracted as everyone read what was on the rectangular screen before them. High Difficulty! This was definitely a C
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Rekindled Flame Of A Warrior In The Midst Of Despair
Arthur leaped away from the roaring Lionake, his eyes gleaming in a strange light. He had used all of his strength to injure it, and needed to dash off to regain energy before the monster lashed out. Arthur landed gracefully on the ground just a few metres away from the crazed Lionake. Its head was cleaved in two, and it was regenerating at a slower pace than earlier. "Damn it! It wasn't so tough when I used to trash it effortlessly in the past!" Arthur frowned deeply, his energy was depleted but regenerating slowly, but it wasn't enough. Unless he wanted to feed himself to the beast, he needed to be decisive. "Don't worry Arthur, I'll attack it too! We'll all end it here!" Drake shouted as he dashed forward at a crazed speed, dragging his sword behind him as he closed up the distance between the Lionake and himself. As soon as he got close enough, he threw himself at the target. He planned to chip away at the enemy's health until it was weak enough for them to one-shot it. I
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How Strong? How Much Power?
Arthur charged again, this time his speed was more than a little bit faster than before. A smile appears on his face as he suddenly yeeted himself directly at the Lionake, his sword gripped tightly. "Die!" Arthur spun himself mid air, using his strength to drag his sword to follow his momentum. His whole body exploded with energy as he spun his blade mid-air to attack his enemy. The Lionake had already regenerated half of his face, and had completely regenerated all wounds it had on it's scales. Arthur deduced that it must be tired, and he could take it down easily. The Lionake raised it's hands quickly and slashed at Arthur with it's massive claws, it's aura still wild and crazed with rage. Slithering away with it's regeneration nearly complete— it opened it's mouth and roared madly. Arthur's pupils shrank into needle points as the ripples caused by the sudden paw attack from the Lionake took form into massive claws. It was able to easily teae through the air as it flew to
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Battling The Hunter: Killing A Monster With One Strike
The team were already a few dozen metres into the dungeon, encountering nothing but pathetic Lionakes. The Lionakes yielded very little XP, which amounts to nothing to the team. As of now, only Drake had levelled up. Lilith and Aaron were at the bottle neck, and Felicia was not even close to levelling up. Arthur only engaged in one or two skirmishes, hence, his paused advance. He was close to his bottleneck, but since he had not much kills except the guard, he couldn't level up. Arthur had promised himself to breakthrough to the next level, and he is still disciplining his tired self to get active and advance. "Arthur, you haven't been taking down any of the Lionakes. Aaron has been stealing most of your kills for a long while now." Felicia threw a glance in Arthur's direction, and raised her brow, "Are you okay? You still look a bit pale." Arthur blinked, then hacked down a Lionake with his brows furrowed. The Lionake granted him just 100XP, a simply pathetic sum for someone l
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Compared To What I've Faced, You All Are Just Too Weak
Arthur hid behind a cluster of dead shrubs and rocks, assessing the situation before him with a frown on his face. After a few seconds of watching, he glanced at a frozen Lilith who was crouched besides him. Stunned, he raised his hand and tapped her lightly on her shoulder. She woke up from her daze instantly, but didn't make a sound. As soon as her brain processed what had happened, she grinned awkwardly. Arthur shook his head and went back to surveying the monsters closely. The two Lionake Hunters and Stone Hooves seemed to be in some sort of strange haphazard formation. The Lionake Infantry crawled around aimlessly, but seemed to be at elevated alert. A dungeon is divided into four parts — The Gates, The Domain, and The Boss Chamber. Clearing an entire dungeon could take from hours, to weeks or months of endless battles and deaths. Each dungeon having it's own unique monsters and castes. Dungeons are classified into 7 levels — E level, D level, C level, B level, A level, S le
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